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Founder of Delaware?


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Peter Minuit, founded the colony of Delaware in 1626.

It is Ft. Charlston. He was the first

Lenape found Delaware.

Peter Minuit was the founder of the Delaware colony, known as New Sweden. Minuit was also the 3rd Director of New Netherland.

William Penn. Because Delaware was originally part of Pennsylvania

The founder of Delaware is lord De La Warr.Funny name huh!

William Penn was one of the founders of delaware. Peter Minuit was another founder.

The Dutch West India Company.

founder of pennsylvania and delaware

William Penn was the founder of Delaware. John Dickinson was a politician, and he was also a lawyer and land owner.

he is the founder of Delaware and the state was named after him in his honer

Sears was the founder of Discover Bank. The bank was founded in the year 1911 originally Greenwood Trust Company in Greenwood, Delaware and was later renamed Discover Bank in 2000.

Richard Allen was the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He was born in Delaware in 1760, and was also a writer and an abolitionist.

Peter Minuet doesn't seem to exist, but Peter Minuit is the founder of NY (New Amsterdam) and Delaware.

Andrew Jefferson is the co-founder and CEO of The 6Ds Company in Delaware. Prior to founding 6Ds, Jefferson was the CEO of Vital Home Services.

Famous People of DelawareAccording to the site, Stately Knowledge, some famous people from the state of Delaware include: � Richard Allen, founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church � Valerie Bertinelli, actress � Annie Jump Cannon, astronomer � Henry Heimlich, surgeon and inventor, developed the Heimlich Maneuver to save choking victimsIn 1631 the Dutch attempted to settle the area that became Delaware but the settlers were killed by natives in 1632. In 1638 Sweden attempted a settlement led by Peter Minuet. It was these settlers that brought the log cabin to America. The Dutch regained Delaware in 1655 and the British took over the area in 1664. In 1682 Delaware was given to William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, but the colony became independent from Penn's control in 1701.MrV

some important landforms were the Delaware river and the Hudson river, named for Henry Hudson the founder of the New York colony.


Yes, it was in Delaware.

He a founder of Broadcast Film Association and has been reviewing films at WHYY for nearly two decades. At the University of Delaware he teaches "Introduction to Theater" and "Acting in Film".

Wilmington, Delaware (70,851)Dover, Delaware (36,047)Newark, Delaware (31,454)Middletown, Delaware (18,871)Smyrna, Delaware (10,023)

Delaware is named after Del a Warr

No, Delaware is not in the Northeast. Delaware is in the South.

Dover is the capital city in Delaware.

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