Four months after a complete hysterectomy what could be causing constant and severe pain in the lower back and radiating across the groin and into the vagina?

This is not an answer to your question. You are not alone. I had a complete hysterectomy 4 weeks ago and I am having severe pain in my lower back that radiates across the right side of my groin. I decided to search the internet for answers and thankfuly I came across your question because I thought it may have been all in my head. Any help would be much appreciated.


Remember that you had a mayor surgery, your body is a disaster zone. It needs time to heal. I'm not a physician, but i hope i can take some cares away. I had a few surgeries with after pains, my doctors said it was like having internal scrape wounds... it has to heal. to be sure, contact your doctor and demand a test, they cannot refuse that. and you have certainty that there are no infections or other nasty complications... if the doctor all ready ran a test, you are in the clearing and you can apply the information i gave earlier here. I wish you ladies the best!