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Free code for Philips universal remote control?

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I need the tv code using a Philips unversal remote for a sanyo tv

Phillips official website...

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How much is a replacement key and remote for a 2004 Cadillac SRX?

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What is are unlicensed radio frequencies?

Those which you can use for free, for instance a tv remote control uses such frequencies.

Phillips Universal Remote Codes PM435S?

download the codes and the manual for free here Go to: This List the codes and the Manual at no charge.

Does Philips replace bulbs for free?

It was 99 cents

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Here is a free site where you may check out remote control manuals. I have the exact same remote as you do. Here is the link: I hope this helps. This should solve problems and may come in handy for other devices as well.

Where can you get support for your Philips or Magnavox television or DVD player?

You can get free live telephone support for your Philips or Magnavox TV or DVD player by calling 1-888-PHILIPS. The Philips Support Center for North America is located in the United States and is staffed by knowledgeable technical support agents eager to assist you.

Do DirecTV offers replacement for their remote for free of charge or I have to pay for the new remote?

If you are part of the DirecTV Protection Plan I believe they will replace your remote for free - just call their customer service. If you're not, then you can order a new remote for $15.00 from their website.

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