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Squirt water up your nose 2 to 3 times daily until nose bleeds stop

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What my cause a 5 year old to have frequent nose bleeds?

its cause if your nose is dry or the heat and other things.

causes of frequent nausea and vomiting

Usually because a blood vessel is too close to the skin

Nose bleeds can be caused or influenced by numerous factors: Humidity - A dry environment increase the chances Health - High blood pressure can make them more frequent Trauma - A blow to the nose can turn on the faucet!

Nose bleeds have nothing to do with colds...

You probably have a raised blood vessel that is close to the skin. The lump you can feel is the scab trying to heal it. If you are having frequent bleeds, you may need to have the area cauterised.

I have never known mothballs to cause nose bleeds.

The same thing as inhaling smoke through your mouth. I find smoking through your nose to be ridicoulous. Dryness may occur in your nostrils and nose bleeds can be frequent.

Animals indeed get nose bleeds .It is as common as a human nose bleeds .And most house pets get nose bleeds and some wild animals as well.

A dog's nose bleeds for the same reasons that a human's nose bleeds. They have either had an injury to the nose or their sinuses may be dry.

There are many reasons why people get nose bleeds. Overly dry air in the house can be one reason for nose bleeds. However, if you have nose bleeds for several days in a row you should speak to your doctor, who can determine a cause.

are nose bleeds related to radiation vasculitis after radiation of the nasal area

no not at all but could be a sign some people just have nose bleeds

can carbon monoxide poisoning cause nose bleeds

Dry air, possibly, but being physically dehydrated should not induce nose bleeds.

A human body has approximately 5.5 liters of blood. A nose bleed will at maximum a couple of millimeters of blood. In order to bleed out by nose bleeds, you would need to have thousands of nose bleeds in rapid succession.

sometimes you Can get them from blowing your nose to hard are to many times also if you have a cold and keep sucking in your bugers through your nose it can happen but their are diseases where you can have nose bleeds

Yes, it actually does. Ive been anemic for years and always get both nose bleeds and headaches

does hiv cause nose bleed

i believe so as i personally drank too much and had nose bleeds for the next 3 days

Yes, smoking tobacco or anything else can irritate the nasal cavity and cause nose bleeds.

From the symptoms you have listed, mild nose bleeds and chest pains, are not really symptoms of either type 1 or 2 diabetes. If you do you start having frequent urination, unusual thirst, extreme hunger, unusual weight loss, extreme fatigue and irritability; Then you will most definitely want to check with your doctor.

It means you have ruptured a blood vessel in your nose.

Sports Causes Nosebleeds If you do get persistant nose bleeds through one nasal passage. Then you could have an rupturing blood vessle. There is nothing to be afraid off. As this is normal. Just phone your doctor, and they should make an appointment with a nose specialist. Who then will burn (Cauterize) the blood vessle to stop any nose bleeds. This just stops nose bleeds through that particular blood vessel. It won't stop them altogether! Nose bleeds could also be through picking the nose, or if someone hits you in the nose.

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