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From Fahrenheit 451 - What does the quote going away from people who ate shadows for breakfast steam for lunch and vapors for supper have to do with the book?



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ok, for the person that said that this person was rude and immature about the answer to this, well guess what? They were actually right, society did become nothingness because all anyone did in that society anymore was sit in their houses all day and watch t.v., no one ever did anything. I mean these people called the t.v's their family for god sake. So, yea, that's what that means, that it meant the society was nothingness.

Well, i don't really have an excellent answer for this, but the last persons answer was just rude and immature, and unnecessary.

As I think about the question, and the passage, I come up with how shadows, steam and vapors are nothing, they have not substance to them no nutrients, no nothing. That's what the society had become a society of nothingness. They had no substance to their lives no matter how much they thought the did. They lived a shadowed existence of nothingness.