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ok, for the person that said that this person was rude and immature about the answer to this, well guess what? They were actually right, society did become nothingness because all anyone did in that society anymore was sit in their houses all day and watch t.v., no one ever did anything. I mean these people called the t.v's their family for god sake. So, yea, that's what that means, that it meant the society was nothingness.

Well, i don't really have an excellent answer for this, but the last persons answer was just rude and immature, and unnecessary.

As I think about the question, and the passage, I come up with how shadows, steam and vapors are nothing, they have not substance to them no nutrients, no nothing. That's what the society had become a society of nothingness. They had no substance to their lives no matter how much they thought the did. They lived a shadowed existence of nothingness.

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What is the opposite of breakfast?


What time did they eat at in Medieval times?

Laboring people of the Middle Ages ate breakfast, dinner at noon, and supper in the evening. Wealthy people did not have breakfast unless they were very young or suffering from poor health. They ate diner at about noon, and supper in the evening.

Is supper the most important meal of the day?

No dinner/supper is not the most important meal of the day as breakfast has been coined as the most important meal of the day.

How well can kinkajou see?

The puppies eat chicken and people eat puppy chow for breakfast,lunch,supper and dinner.

What meal is drinking tea in Belize?

Supper is not the right answer it is breakfast,

What kind of meals do Russians eat?

Breakfast, Dinner and supper

What are the four feasts of the lord?

breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper.

What is the difference between supper and dinner?

SUPPER means night food usually taken by us. If someone contributes you breakfast or lunch or supper ,it is called as DINNER.

What did ancient egyptians eat for breakfast lunch and supper?

eggs and wheat

Is a BLT sandwich lunch or breakfast?

Lunch or breakfast? Any food you eat to break the fasting (no consumption of food) experienced while sleeping is breakfast. Have you never eaten steak with eggs for "breakfast"? Steak is often what you eat for supper but when consumed in the morning it is breakfast. Lunch is considered the Midday meal or the meal eaten between the first food consumed in the morning (breakfast) when you wake up and the final meal of the day (supper) prior to going to sleep. So, the answer to your question is Both. It can even be supper or just a snack.

What did colonial people eat for lunch?

They ate breakfast at 2:00 am ate lunch at 9:00am and ate supper at 5:00pm

Are all china supper smart?

No. Some china suitable only for breakfast.

What time do Japanese eat breakfast dinner and supper?

9.00, 12.00, 8.00

What are the release dates for Trisha's Southern Kitchen - 2012 Breakfast for Supper 3-12?

Trisha's Southern Kitchen - 2012 Breakfast for Supper 3-12 was released on: USA: 17 August 2013

If you were eating coffee and croissant what time of day would it be?

lunch dinner breakfast! supper

What are the different meals of the day?

Breakfast Brunch Lunch Dinner Tea Supper Dessert

What did I have for breakfast?

Bacon with a side of sunny side eggs.

What are some things you never eat for lunch?

You never eat breakfast or supper for lunch.

What has the author Bessie R Murphy written?

Bessie R. Murphy has written: 'Peanuts for breaksfast, dinner, supper' -- subject(s): Cookery (Peanuts) 'Corn meal for breakfast, dinner, supper' -- subject(s): Cookery (Corn) 'Rice for breakfast, dinner, supper' -- subject(s): Cookery (Rice), Cooking (Rice)

What do the Mozambique people eat?

Rice, a topping of beans & fish. In the morning for breakfast, they have a bread-roll. They have rice for lunch & supper. No rice candy for desert like in the Philippines, just rice for lunch and supper with beans & fish sometimes for topping on the rice.

Who wrote Hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper?

Sir Francis Bacon, an English philosopher.

Where can you download Pokemon ranger shadows of almia for a supper chip?

you can download Pokemon ranger shadows of almia from

Why is the Last Supper called the Last Supper and not the last dinner?

For purely cultural reasons. Some call it the last meal, for instance. To some, "dinner" and "supper" mean the same meal, for others they have both a dinner and a supper everyday, for instance on a farm: breakfast in the morning, then lunch, then dinner, then after the last work of the day, supper.

How many meals did people generally eat each day in Shakespeare's time?

About the same as people nowadays: a light breakfast of a piece of bread or something, a main meal at midday and a lighter supper in the evening.

What time is breakfast lunch and dinner served?

It depends on where you are. Many people have breakfast between the hours of 6am and 9am; lunch between 11am and 2pm, and dinner anywhere from 5pm to midnight. Supper often arrives one to two hours after dinner.

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