From the point of view of an enviromentalist which is probably the most significant argument against offshore drilling for oil?

Ok, I'm an enviromentalist. There are just so many issues about offshore drilling. You know when you see all of the pretty white sand beaches in the brochures for tropical places and you'd kill just to go there? Yeah, well imagine all of those pretty coral reefs, the happy little sparkly tropical fish, and all of the magnificent sea turtles, dolphins, and the animals of this deep blue sea...gone. The relaxing clear water and the white sugar like sand completley black. It's like when you're in a parking lot on a rainy day and you see all of the pretty little swirly rainbow patterns in the puddles, yeah, sure, they're pretty, but only for a moment. Imagine that oil pattern over the ocean. If you're still not convinced tht offshore drilling is bad, think of the health hazards! no surfing, boogie boarding, or skim boarding for the world, and you can kiss relaxing on the waves goodbye. Yeah, Ok, the gas prices will go down but we can ride bikes too you know. We're really selfish sometimes, us Americans. im