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From where does the US import most of its oil?


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We import most of our oil from Canada. We are also the world's number two EXPORTER of oil.

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they import oil the most

We import most of our oil from Canada. We are also the world's number two EXPORTER of oil.

to meet the gas and oil demands of the public

11% of total US oil imports come from Mexico.

The United States will import oil if it is cheaper than oil can be produced here.

The biggest supplier of OIL to the US is Canada. Most of the gasoline is from our own country, as we refine the oil we import. So don't go blaming the Arabs for high gasoline prices!

In 1996, the US imported about 2,747,839,000 barrels of crude oil.

We use more than we produce.

U.S. imports of rapeseed oil were 241,586 metric tons in 2001

The U.S.A imports most from China

Canada and most countries import oil and/or petroleum from Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has the largest amount of oil in the world

Why is brazil starting to import crude oil?

Mexico does not import any oil, as it is a net exporter of oil.

The biggest single oil import source of USA is Canada, which caters for 15.1 percent of US oil needs. USA imports 12.9 percent of its oil from middle east, of which 8.1 percent is provided by Saudi Arabia alone.

Yes, South Korea import oil.

Its either Oil or Iron Ore.Probably oil though.

U.S. imports of linseed oil were 165,107 metric tons in 2001

U.S. imports of palm oil were 165,107 metric tons in 2001

What does Iran import?oil

I personally produce or import no crude oil

Oil, engines, and electronics are three major imports of the U.S.

2,149 barrels per day according to the US Dpt. of Energy

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