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Q: Front Universal Joint
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Does a front wheel drive car have a Universal joint?

No, they usually have something called a CV (constant velocity) joint which is sort of same, same but different.

Where can you find a universal joint?

On front engine/rear wheel drive cars there is always a universal joint on the drive shaft. If your looking to buy one, you could check with your dealer's parts department. They either will have one, or can order you one.

How do you change the universal joint on a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4?

this link is for front wheel joint but maybe you can find something there

What do you put universal joints in?

a universal joint holder.

How do you remove front passenger seat with drawer under it on 2000 astro van?

Ratchet with appropriate deep socket and a universal-joint for the back bolts. Then add a long entension (6"+) behind the universal-joint for the front. There's a small clearance at the top lip of the drawer on each side to access the nuts.

Who invented the universal joint?

The first universal joint was created by Londoner Robert Hooke, a scientist of the 17th century.

What causes 2006 dodge mega cab 2500 to shake in the front and rear while accelerating?

A worn out Universal joint in the rear driveshaft.

What causes a popping noise in Drive gear and in Reverse gear?

If it is a front wheel drive vehicle it could be a bad CV joint. In a rear wheel drive car it could be a bad universal joint.

What is a universal joint typically used for?

The universal joint is typically used for mechanical parts that need a full range of movement at a specific part or "joint." Universal joints are used in automobiles and farming machines, along with many other mechanical equipment.

What are universal joint examples?

something awesome

What is an example of a rolling joint?

its between the front drive shaft yoke and universal joint on the transfer case side, so put down your zig zags and grab that wrench and a pair of snapring pliers and get to work

What is the purpose of CV joint used on front wheel drive vehicle?

a cv (constant velocity) joint is used to transmit power from drive train (engine, transmission) to the wheels like universal joints, but also allows wheels to turn (steer) in front drive vehicles

What would cause a clicking noise most notable when in gear?

cv joint or universal joint

What is cause of noise when I shift car is shifted from reverse to drive or accelerate?

Could be a universal joint. If front wheel drive, it could be the constant velocity joint. I am assuming you have an automatic transmission. If it is a standard transmission, it could be the throwout bearing.

How do you replace a Honda CR-V drive shaft universal joint?

drive universal jount

What does the universal joint on the propeller shaft of an automobile function?

The universal joint is used to transfer drive (power) from one shaft to another when they are inclined (non collinear) to each other.

When to replace rear universal joint on a 1998 Nissan Pathfiner?

The rear universal joint on a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder should be replaced when it becomes worn out or broken. Symptoms of a worn joint include rough handling and suspension issues.

What structure do the collar and shoulder bones form?

I think it might be a ball and socket joint of a universal joint.

What joint allows connected shafts to spin freely while permitting a change in direction?

universal joint

What would be the cause of an intermittent clicking noise in first gear and reverse in a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

it is the universal joint front or rear have someone outside vehicle listen to where its coming from front or back. front of driveshaft or back of driveshaft to rear end.

How much is a universal joint for a 1988 Chevy siverodeo?

About $ 12.00

What is it if my car makes a thumping grinding noise at higher speeds?

Rear wheel drive: Possibly a worn universal joint on the drive shaft. Front wheel drive: possibly worn CV joints on the front drive shafts.

What type of joint makes rotation possible?

You may be thinking of the "universal joint" in mechanics or a ball and socket joint, such as the shoulder or hip, in the skeletal system.

How do you replace the front universal joint on a 1994 dodge ram 1500 4X4?

Remove the rear U-Joint and be very careful not to loose caps or any needle bearings. Uses lock rings to hold it in place. Tape it together with duck tape. Now pull the drive shaft out of the transmission and remove the front U-Joint from the driveshaft and replace it. Reinstall in reverse order.

Allwheel drive mitsubuhi Montero clunk noise when you accelerate?

You most likely have a bad universal joint. This universal joint is located in the drive line of the vehicle and needs replaced as soon as possible.