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Front brakes on 1997 Oldsmobile aurora what would cause the brake resivor epmty?

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LEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAKKKKSSS!!!either you have a leak of somekind or the resivor cap has been left off while drivingthe fluid is hydrolic and does not evaporate so most likely there is a leakto find out: you will need and assistant you will need to raise the two front tires off the ground and removethen you can access the calipers and brake lines.fill the resivor and replace cap then have assistant pump the brakes look very carefully for any dripping or leakslook at the resivor it is divided in to two resivors the front for the front brakes and rear for rearthe one that goes down is the leaker repaet same proccess for the rearmostlikely it will be the caliper seals or the rubber brake lines or the master cylinder leakingif you need any more help feel free to e-mail me Ben..
2011-09-13 03:10:59
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Where is the horn located under the hood in the Oldsmobile aurora?

In the 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora, the horn is located under the left headlamp on the left front corner of the car. The Oldsmobile Aurora midsize sedan that was launched in 1995.

In what sequence do you bleed the brakes on a 1995 Oldsmobile aurora?

rear right rear left front right front left You always want to start furthest away from the master cylinder and work yourself closer to it.

Does a 1996 Oldsmobile cutlass have front and rear brakes?


Is the 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora front wheel drive?

yes, all auroras are front wheel drive only

Is there abs on a 1984 Oldsmobile 98?

no, there isn't. The Oldmobile 98 that you have is equipped with front disc brakes and drum rear brakes.

How do you change the front brakes and the back brakes on a 1999 Alero Oldsmobile?

First of all, Do you have any specialty brake tools? Ben

Where is the air injection pump located on a 2001 Oldsmobile aurora?

Directly in front of the driver's side front tire inside fender well.

How do you install battery on 2001 Oldsmobile aurora?

pull front of rear seat up. remove it and battery is right there

Where is the location of the idle control valve on a 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora?

Right in front of and slightly to the side of Throttle body

95 aurora oidsmobile were is temperature cooling sensor at.?

The 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora cooling system temperature sensor can be found on the front of the engine. The sensor will be above the thermostat housing.

How do you remove the rear brakes from a 1995 Oldsmobile aurora?

If you don't know how to remove the rear pads on your aurora you have no business trying.It is the same as the front but when you push the piston back in on the caliper, you have to have a special tool that spins the piston in! (Thank you finally an educated answer.. i have been up and down this list correcting these peoples answers. good job)

1996 Oldsmobile Aurora where is the cooling fan relay located?

Front passenger side of engine bay in fuse box.

What are the torque specs for Oldsmobile aurora front hub bearing?

160Nm (118 lb. ft.) according to the service manual.

1995 Oldsmobile aurora battery?

pull up on the front of the back seat and you will find the battery. G Lee - And for those of you who might have a 1997 Aurora, pull up on the back of the back seat (the hooks to hold the seat are on the front of the seat in the 1997).

Where is the PCM located on a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora?

Drivers side, front corner of the vehicle. Inside the same box that houses the air filter.

Where is the oil filter on a 1998 Oldsmobile aurora?

It's near the radiator on the front of the engine, just right of the center line of the car. This is on a 4.0L V8.

Radiator fan will not turn on unless AC is on. Where are temperature sensors located on Oldsmobile Aurora?

Remember, the Aurora must ALWAYS run with the air conditioning on. Refer to your owners manual. The Aurora front end design requires the need for the ac always running

Does the escort lx have front and back brakes or just front brakes?

Front pads (disc brakes) Rear shoes (drum brakes)

How do you remove a front seat from a 1998 Oldsmobile aurora?

In the back of the seat (both) you have a star screw bit that one you remove it you lift up on the back of the seat and the front will come up out of a groove that it slides into.

Where is fuel sender located on 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora 3.5 V6?

it's in the fuel tank but if your remove the carpet in the trunk there is an access panel in the front right corner.

Where is number 6 cylinder in a 2001 Oldsmobile aurora 4.0?

The cylinder order from the front of the engine is left to right 2-4-6-8. So #6 is 2nd from the right on the front side of the engine.

What are some common 2003 Oldsmobile Alero problems?

Brakes, If you get on brakes and get a hard vibration and shaking like the front end is going to fall off, front rotors are more than likely warped. Stock rotors are poor quality Replace with after market heavy duty rotors.

How do you bleed brakes on a 68 Oldsmobile cutlass?

Same procedure as all vehicles. Start with bleeding the right rear then left rear then right front then left front keeping the reservoir full at all times.

On a 1979 corvette master cylinder which reservoir is for the front brakes and which is for the rear brakes?

front front - rear rear.

Why do you need front brakes?

The front brakes on any vehicle do most of the stopping. When you apply the brakes the weight shifts to the front of the vehicle. For this reason the front brakes are needed more than the rear. Try stopping a vehicle with just the hand brake which applies only the rear brakes.