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Possible reasons: Window motor is broken or the cables can be frayed or broken. If its the motor you are in luck. It is easy to access and to replace. If it is the cables you are out of luck. They are very hard to replace and your mechanic will charge you bunches. As for removing the door panel, it is semi easy. There are 2 tricky screws, one in the door latch and one in the door handle. remove these first. The latch will still be attached to the locking mechanism. After that trace the outside of the panel. There are screws lining the outside of the panel. Remove these. Then slide the handle through the hole and it should come off. Watch out for the black sticky adhesive that they glob all over the door. It gets everywhere. If your cables are shressed i would just get a new door at a scrapyard, or you can jamb a 2x4 in there so the window does not fall down.

Fix the power window yourself in 1 hour.

No need to purchase a new door or spend 250.00 at a dealer.

If it is the cable assembly you can find a replacement by searching on Ebay Motors and look for seller Fourgreenautoparts. The assembly with shipping usually runs about 58.00 and will take about an hour to install. You will have to remove the door panel and peel back the protective skin. Once inside un-hinge the window from the assembly by two screws. If you have an assistant push the window up through the door and have them hold on to it, if you do not have any help you can remove the window from the door to gain easy access to the assembly. Unscrew the assembly mount from the door (4 nuts secure it to the door), then unmount the motor from the door (3 nuts) , make sure you disconnect the power relay connection. Push the assembly in until it releases and tilt the top all the way to the right. You may have to dislodge the motor before the cable assembly.

Once the assembly is out of the door remove the motor from the assembly and attach the new cable assembly and install the assembly and motor back into the door. Make sure the harness that secures the window is in the down position. Secure the motor and assembly and slowly slide the window back down and secure it with the two screws that were removed. Attach the window controls and test the operation of the window. Replace the door panel and enjoy your fresh air.

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Q: Front passenger power window not going up in 2000 Elentra What could be the possible reasons Range of expense to fix it How do you remove the front door panel to access the power window assembly?
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