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Front passenger side cv joint on 89 celica gts was replaced and started having trouble with power steering - fluid almost empty - filled empty in 3 days - could cv PS problem be related?



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no this is most likely your lines are leaking or your rack is leaking. Bron is right. No connection between the two systems. Now here are my questions: 1. Did the leak begin IMMEDIATELY after the mechanic worked on the vehicle? 2. Have you gotten under the car to see where the leak starts? Look for the highest "dry" point FORWARD from the fluid leak pattern, which will be the damaged area. (wind from driving pushes fluid toward passenger compartment, gravity pulls down) 3. Has anyone put BRAKE fluid into the power steering system? Old time mechanics tell you you can put power steering fluid into brakes, but not reverse. Personally, I wouldn't do that either. I just replaced the entire hose set and steering rack in my Celica convertible because some idiot did this. Brake fluid will eat through the rubber in power steering hoses. It will "weep" right through the pores in the rubber. RUINED! If you are lucky, it will just be a loose hose clamp. There would be no reason to loosen any of these to replace a CV joint. Be sure the mechanic replaced the transmission seal on the side the CV joint was pulled from. They are cheap and worth replacing EVERY TIME you pull a joint...rather than have them leak later. It is easy to damage them while jockying the heavy CV joint into place. Look on your repair order for the charge for the seal. Also, when the steering part is replaced, say the hose this time, ask to have the parts after a repair!!!! That way they can "prove" the repair. (doesn't mean they can't switch a part, but it helps. If it's a hose, look to see if it's a jagged rip or a neat a razor blade. If you keep having new injuries right after (a week or two) a repair, be suspicious. Maybe not crooked mechanic, maybe just bad mechanic. Toyota LOVES SST's (Special Service Tools) and you CAN get around them as a mechanic, but you have to be careful not to damage things by accident using other tools. (Even most dealers don't have all the SST's.) BTW, did you ever wonder how you can't get a part for a week, yet a dealer has your repair done in two days? Either they use an aftermarket (non-dealer) part or they get a USED PART from a salvage yard and after checking to see it's good, clean it up and swap it! The repair will likely last a year...past the warranty date. This is part of the insurance industry's scam on repairs. "Genuine Toyota Parts" will be used on repair, says in insurance documents....yeah. Pre-owned fenders, bumpers, etc. that cost the insurance company less, yet meets the letter of the agreement. Hope this helps you. Auntetr