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no this is most likely your lines are leaking or your rack is leaking. Bron is right. No connection between the two systems. Now here are my questions: 1. Did the leak begin IMMEDIATELY after the mechanic worked on the vehicle? 2. Have you gotten under the car to see where the leak starts? Look for the highest "dry" point FORWARD from the fluid leak pattern, which will be the damaged area. (wind from driving pushes fluid toward passenger compartment, gravity pulls down) 3. Has anyone put BRAKE fluid into the Power Steering system? Old time mechanics tell you you can put power steering fluid into brakes, but not reverse. Personally, I wouldn't do that either. I just replaced the entire hose set and steering rack in my Celica convertible because some idiot did this. Brake fluid will eat through the rubber in power steering hoses. It will "weep" right through the pores in the rubber. RUINED! If you are lucky, it will just be a loose hose clamp. There would be no reason to loosen any of these to replace a CV joint. Be sure the mechanic replaced the transmission seal on the side the CV joint was pulled from. They are cheap and worth replacing EVERY TIME you pull a joint...rather than have them leak later. It is easy to damage them while jockying the heavy CV joint into place. Look on your repair order for the charge for the seal. Also, when the steering part is replaced, say the hose this time, ask to have the parts after a repair!!!! That way they can "prove" the repair. (doesn't mean they can't switch a part, but it helps. If it's a hose, look to see if it's a jagged rip or a neat a razor blade. If you keep having new injuries right after (a week or two) a repair, be suspicious. Maybe not crooked mechanic, maybe just bad mechanic. Toyota LOVES SST's (Special Service Tools) and you CAN get around them as a mechanic, but you have to be careful not to damage things by accident using other tools. (Even most dealers don't have all the SST's.) BTW, did you ever wonder how you can't get a part for a week, yet a dealer has your repair done in two days? Either they use an aftermarket (non-dealer) part or they get a USED PART from a salvage yard and after checking to see it's good, clean it up and swap it! The repair will likely last a year...past the warranty date. This is part of the insurance industry's scam on repairs. "Genuine Toyota Parts" will be used on repair, says in insurance documents....yeah. Pre-owned fenders, bumpers, etc. that cost the insurance company less, yet meets the letter of the agreement. Hope this helps you. Auntetr

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How do you fix horn problem on a 2002 Ford Explorer that is not related to a factory installed alarm?

The horn wire going to the steering column is undoughtly shorting out. Have it looked at as the steering wheel has to come off etc.

What could the squeaking coming from under the front end of your 95 Eddie baurer be also you had the bushings replaced two years ago?

The squeak possibly could be tierods. My '98 Mercury had a bit of a squeak coming from under the front and I figured it to be just old car sounds coming on. The steering started getting a bit tight and shaky, from there I was told the steering trouble was undiagnosable, but the tirods needed replacement and the squeaking was what alerted them to that. I went to a different mechanic to have that fixed and they told me the steering trouble was definitely related to the tierod. After they replaced that the squeak and steering trouble was gone.

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Could low power steering fluid cause check engine light to come on a 2005 Honda Accord?

No, the Check Engine light will only come on when you have an emissions related problem.

What would cause brake pulsing after new rotors and pads are installed to cure previous pulsing issue is it suspension related?

i have the same problem. just got them replaced and their pulsing

Cruise control buttons on steering wheel just quit working all of a sudden fuses are fine on 88 gt?

The problem could be vaccum related. Check if the air vents in the dash still blow air. If not, it's possibly a vaccum problem

Why is your Hyundai accent misfire after replacing everything there is to replace?

You need three things, spark, fuel and compression. If you have replaced EVERYTHING spark related and fuel related including injectors, I would do a compression check next, you may have a valve problem.

What causes power steering problem in 1996 ford Taurus only when you are backing up?

Low power steering fluid. Low engine speed. Air in power steering pump. Turn steering wheel to maximun left and maximum right several times. Check fluid. Variable power steering assist is an electrical system and can be affected by the neutral safety - start switch, which is also known as the transmission range sensor. See "Related Questions" below for more

Your 2001 durango turn signal and radio work intermittently until car warms up Could there be a short in a wiring harness Is the Turn signal switch connected somehow to the radio?

The answer that I have gotten is that there is a problem with the connection in your steering wheel that connects all of the switches on your steering wheel to the rest of the car. I forget what it is called, but everything on your steering wheel runs through this connection. Since your radio has switches for volume, stations, inputs, etc. on your steering wheel and of course your turn signals are there as well, all of that could be related to that one connection going bad. The most useless fix that I have heard for this is to bang on your steering column and that could shake it into order... but of course what you should do is have that connection replaced. $$$ Good luck. It's called a clockspring on cars with airbags.

You lost your steering wheel controls on your 04 silverado and your air bag light is on?

You may have a problem with your air bag coil. that is the part below your steering wheel that allows the wheel to turn but keep electrical connection with you air bag and accessories. I have seen several trucks with inoperative steering wheel buttons that were easily fixed with a new drivers information center software udate. Both of your problems may not be related. You may have a problem with your air bag coil. that is the part below your steering wheel that allows the wheel to turn but keep electrical connection with you air bag and accessories. I have seen several trucks with inoperative steering wheel buttons that were easily fixed with a new drivers information center software udate. Both of your problems may not be related.

What could be wrong with your car if the brake lights work when the lights are off but when the lights are turned on the passenger side tail lights and brake lights completely go out?

This is usually a grounding problem. Either an insufficient ground to the assy or a positive to ground problem. As you mention the brake lights work with the lights off, it will probably be related to a problem with the "running lights" system. As you mention only a problem with the passenger rear, I would check for a poor ground related to that light assy or possibly one of the bulbs' internal filaments in that assy touching each other. Or possibly a socket failure at that assy. Good Luck

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How any passengers were on the Titanic?

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What does Service Stability System mean on a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville ssei and how do you repair it?

It means that one of your sensors related to the stability of the car is registering a problem. It could be anything from steering wheel position sensor to your anti-lock brake system, or even speed control sensor on any of your four hubs. You will have to take it to a qualified dealer with an appropriate scanner to find out which unit it is, and then have it replaced. Good luck

1995 ford windstar brake light is on and abs light replaced tie rod brake pads and spindle wife hit a curb hard What is next to check?

There is an ABS wheel sensor mounted on the front steering knuckle - check it out for damage, wiring problem (pinched off or broken?), and the alignment to the end of the axle where the ring of gear teeth are. See "Related Questions" below for more

Is serpentine belt related to power steering?

Yes, you can expect a car that has a serpentine belt to lose power steering when the belt breaks because the belt goes around the power steering pump's pulley.

What may be causing the whining noise on my 2005 Dodge Caravan and it doesn't appear to be steering related?

The fuel pump on my 2005 Grand Caravan SXT made a whining sound on long trips in hot weather. I had it replaced and haven't heard it since.

How do we adjust steering wheel back to center on a kenworth?

This will depend on what repair or adjustment got it off centre.The steering wheel centre is set at the factory to the centre of the steering box and this can be critical to some safety related items:Turning circlePlay in the steering going down the road, this can lead to vibrations SERVER ENOUGH TO WEAR AND DAMAGE COMPONENTS.The ability of the driver to maintain his position in the lane.So was the steering wheel off to repair the steering column and incorrectly installed? Remove and reinstall the wheel correctlyWas a piece of the steering linkage repaired or replaced: Then adjust the portion of the linkage correctlyIf this has started without a previous repair find out what is unsafe and faulty in the system and repair it.

Is there a circuit breaker for the wipers on a 1995 GMC Yukon The complete motor was replaced and now it works when it wants to?

This is a common problem with a common fix. I would go to and do a search in the related truck section. Last I saw there were a bunch of posts regarding this problem and the fix.

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What is making a squeaking chirping scraping noise at belt side of engine on 2001 ford windstar pulley tensioner water pump alternator and power steering pump have been replaced and noise is the same?

Try "Related Questions" below - I had finally found some information about unhappy bird sounds coming from the engine compartment - hopefully it applies to your problem (please report back and update/edit this answer with your findings!!)

How do different types of power steering work?

The web site in the "related links" will help.

Why won't key turn in Lexus SC 400 after lifting front of car?

Try turning the steering wheel back and forth. The SC has this issue and it isn't necessarily related to the car being lifted. In fact, some cars in general do this, and I suppose it's related to the steering mechanism and the automatic steering wheel lock.