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Replace rotor / cut rotor & replace brakes.

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Can slotted or drilled rotors be machined in a brake lathe

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Q: Front right rotor is grinding on disc brake mount on 2002 ford escape?
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How do you mount a grinding wheel?

with a penis

How do you remove the front rotor on 1999 RX300?

Remove wheel. Remove brake caliper. Remove brake caliper mount. You can now remove the rotor.

What causes rattling noise in front end of ford escape when hitting a bump?

Could be a loose or worn strut or strut mount

How do you remove my 2007 ford escape front brake pads?

19mm socket removes the front tire. 9mm allen head removes the caliper from the caliper mount. c-clamp resets the calipers piston. straight screwdriver removes pads from caliper. install new pads and put back together.

High mount brake light replacement Mazda protege 2001?

Remove the high mount brake light retaining screws from your Mazda Protg. Remove the high mount brake light wiring harness. Reverse the process to install your new high-mount brake light.

How do you remove front mount from a 1974 vw beetle?

Front mount of what?

How do you replace a high mount brake light on a 2002 Chevy blazer?

Remove the wiring harness from the high mount brake light. Remove the retaining screws. Reverse the process to install the new high mount brake light.

When your 1995 Cavalier moves slow your right front makes a grinding noise. Last year you had the axle replaced but the boot kept popping off. If you go 40mph the noise and vibration goes away?

Your Engine Mount and Tourqe Mount are bad.

Why is the front left side wheel somthing is squeaking what could it be on my 1991 Mazda pickup?

it could be a dry wheel bearing, it could be worn brake pads, it could be a dry shockabsorber mount it could be a dry wheel bearing, it could be worn brake pads, it could be a dry shockabsorber mount it could be a dry wheel bearing, it could be worn brake pads, it could be a dry shockabsorber mount

How do you change alternator on 2004 Ford Escape?

You have to remove the front passenger tire, then the axle drop the engine mount about an inch to remove it. I have Pictures but I cant upload them.

How do you depress and remove the front brake calipers on a 2003 Dodge 350 Dually?

you take out the 2 bolts that mount the caliper to the caliper mount. Then you take a small pry bar and push the brake pad closest to the caliper piston so you can get the caliper off, if it doesn't just slide off. then you take one of the old brake pad and a vice grip clamp, you put the brake pad in front of the piston and put the clamp on the brake pad and the back of the caliper and clamp it down until it will fit over the rotor with the new pads on.

Where is your Clutch bleeder Valve on a Duel carborated 1990 Honda prelude?

Its on the slave cylinder which is on the front of the transmission just left of the front engine mount bracket. It looks just like a brake bleeder screw.

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