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Fuel smell around fuel rail and injectors on 1989 Lincoln town car Is it the fitting?

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99 isuzu trooper smell gasoline in the engine compartment

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Fuel leak at hose or fitting Carbon canister is exhausted

You might smell gas on a 1997 Ford Escort after you fill it because you have overfilled the tank and some has spilled out onto the side of the car. You might also smell it because of leaking injectors.

if you can smell antifreeze you need to replace the heater core in the vehicle

The most likely problem comes from the fuel injector seals or the injectors.

on the low pressure side of the fuel injection there is a rubber hose with a cloth cover that runs between the injectors, this is where you are most likely getting the leak and smell of diesel.

check the seals at the injectors sometimes they leak for starters

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you should have fuel injection if this is the case either the injectors are bad or the circuit that controls the injectors are faulty

Your 1996 Escort might smell like gas when it is not running because of a damaged gas tank or damaged fuel lines. Leaking injectors or a leaking tank can also cause that smell.

Sounds like the injectors are failing by staying open too long. Probably time for new injectors. Impossible to test without an inline injector tester. Hope this helps.

Most probable cause is a dirty fuel filter. After that clogged fuel injectors, spark plugs or air filter. If you have a rotten egg smell around your jeep you might have a bad catalytic convertor.

If the oder is way strong, you might have a gas leak.

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A gas leak somewhere. Check the injectors and make sure the cap is on tight.

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If the fuel injectors are dry then the 1998 Honda Civic may have a gas leak. The car should be inspected, even a pin hole leak can lead to a fatal accident.

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