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Fully insured friends car driver has no licence not on policy hits unisured driver passenger is hurt sue for neglience?


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July 13, 2007 5:50AM

No,? What? Sue your friend? Sue who.? Sue the driver? Which friend do you want to Sue. The driver was at fault, The owner was likely negligent for letting an unlicensed driver drive his vehicle. but not fully at fault. Likely in a court it would be considered joint liability aka contributory negligence on more than one party. Are you Serious, Sue your friends.? Accidents happen. Sueing your friends sounds like greed to the extreme. What were you doing in the car anyway. this sounds like a big mess. and it sounds like everybody in the vehicle likely contributed to the accident. Unfortunately we live in a society that puts the needs and desires of the one before the good of the whole and seeks to blame anybody but ourselves whenever something goes wrong. Sue the Owners parents for not teaching him not to loan his car out. Sue the driver for not having a license. Sue the other driver for not having insurance, Sue the state police for allowing the vehicle to drive on a public road. Sue God for not setting out specific guidelines on who to blame for our misfortunes.