Function of the lab porcelain dish?

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The porcelain dish (and also the platinum, glass, stainless steel, etc.) is useful in laboratory for evaporation of solutions, drying, calcination; the maximal temperature is approx. 1 0000C.
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What kind of dishes are more durable - ceramic porcelain stoneware ironware etc.?

From personal experience, I would definitely say the inexpensive line put out by Corelle. I bought service for 8 sixteen years ago, and I still have them all! Boy, am I tired of that pattern. Between Bisque, Porcelain and Stoneware dishes, Stoneware is the most durable and the reason is because i ( Full Answer )

What is the function of petri dish?

Examples: containing liquids to be evaporated, containing solids tobe weighed, vessel for biological cultures, container for substanceto by dried in an oven etc.

What are different 'microbiology' lab apparatus and their functions?

Vitech. As a Computer Scientist working in hospitals I was tasked with interfacing an instrument called a Vitech to an LIS (Laboratory Information System). The instrument could identify organisms or measure the organism's sensitivity (or susceptibility) to certain antibiotics. The antibiotics on ( Full Answer )

Function of Petri dish?

- to contain a substance, generally a solid - to dry a substance in an oven - in microbiology, to contain a bacteria culture

Are porcelain or stoneware dishes more durable?

Both are durable, but can chip. Porcelain is a form of stoneware.Both refer to high fire, well vitrified, non-porous ceramic ware,containing quartz or silica, kaolin, and feldspar. The maindifference is that porcelain is formulated to be whiter and moretranslucent, with less iron. A durability comp ( Full Answer )

What is the function of petrie dish?

Answer . it is pietri dish and you can use it several ways in a lab. Mostly you use it to caltivate in vitro, tissue culture etc

What is porcelain?

Porcelain is a strong, vitreous, translucent ceramic material, biscuit-fired at a low temperature, the glaze then fired at a very high temperature. Tea ware is made from this.It is a form of white vitrified translucent ceramic used in themanufacture of plates, cups and other domestic dinner tableequ ( Full Answer )

Function of lab refrigerator?

The lab refrigerator is used to store items that would otherwisedeteriorate at room temperature. Anything placed in the labrefrigerator should be properly labeled. A lab refrigerator is noplace to store an employee's lunch.

What is a evaporation dish in a lab?

An evaporation dish in a lab is a type of glassware. It is used toevaporate solutions and other types of liquids, occasionally totheir melting points.

Functions of petri dish?

Petri dishes can be used to grow bacteria, cells, or watch seedgermination. They are so versatile they can even be used to observehow small animals behave.

Petri dish functions?

A Petri dish is a shallow flat bottomed piece of lab glassware. It forms a convenient small scale controlled space for experiments. Often available as a base unit and its matching cover.

Functions of evaporating dish?

to evaporate as its name had suggested ( evaporation is a process to vaporising of a liquid without reaching its boiling point)

Function of a triangle in a lab?

It's a medieval torture device used to take out peoples eye balls like a cork from a bottle. Enjoy!. -Courtney(:

What not to do in lab?

never disobey any safety procedures. Never eat any hazardous materials, experiments, sharp objects, assistant scientists, and especially don't eat pizza because it is bad for you. Do not conduct any experiments while children (like me) are in the area, while animals are in the room, or while any rep ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of a pulmonary function lab?

Provides a wide range of tests, including spirometry, lung volumes, lung diffusing capacity, airway resistance, exercise oximetry, six minute walk test, methacholine challenge, stage one exercise and exercise-induced asthma testing

What dish is used to mix liquids in a science lab?

Biologists might use a petri dish, but more commonly a flask is used for mixing liquids, such as the erlynmyer flask. I know that microbiologists will place a magnetic rod in the bottom of an erlinmyer flask, and set it on an electromagnetic plate to get the rod to spin and agitate liquids for mixin ( Full Answer )

Are porcelain dishes safe?

Porcelean dishes are safe for holding or storing food. However they are brittle and can be broken if they fall down unlike steel dishes

Function of language lab?

Language Lab is essential for teaching Foreign Languages in Modern Teaching Methods. The system helps to teach any langauge very easily. 1). Professor can communicate simultaneously, with all the students or indivisual student. 2). Indivisual student can discuss with the professor through a call ( Full Answer )

Is porcelain dishes chip resistant?

of course they're not love... and anyway your grammar is terrible. it should be 'are porcelain dishes chip resistant'

Porcelain dish can be used into oven?

Not all porcelain dishes can be in the oven. You need to read theinstructions that came the dishes you to see if they can be used inan oven or not.

Are dishes made of porcelain toxic?

Dishes made of porcelain or any other clay that are properly fired and glazed are not toxic. Dishes which are underfired or glazed with glazes containing lead may be toxic.

What is the function of incubator in a microbiology lab?

It provides a nice warm, dark place, or growth chamber, to grow the cultures. Incubation is required at temperature like 20-25°C and 30-35°C for growth of bacteria and fungi respectively in the various test media incubated. The test media may be of sterility testing of finished products, bio-b ( Full Answer )

Can you bake in a porcelain dish?

It is okay to bake foods in porcelain dishes. People can cook potroast, chicken, or pasta dishes in a porcelain dish.

What is the function for safety gloves in a lab?

Protect your hands from spilled chemicals and vapors. Hazards: abrasion, temperature extremes, cuts and punctures, impact, chemicals, electric shock, skin infection, disease or contamination. Options: gloves, gauntlets, mitts, wristcuffs, armlets.

Do porcelain dishes chip easily?

normally they do chip easily but not extremely easily, i mean you could put them in a dishwasher withouth them chipping. if youre worried about chipping then use plastic plates ;) lol baaddd jk)

Is Franz Porcelain real porcelain?

"Franz porcelain is a company and a style of porcelain that people really like. It is a mixture of Asian art, and Nouveau style together for a very unique porcelain art collection."

What does a lab have or do?

they slobber a lot and play a lot and drink lots of water. they also like to bark and they are hard to train because they get distracted easily.

Whose job is it to dry the dishes in a cooking lab?

It really depends. Many cooking labs are like a hierarchy-- there are people on top (the chefs) and their assistant chefs, and at the lower end of the hierarchy are the people who do the cleaning in the kitchen. Often, even the people who clean are there to learn the business, and they hope to work ( Full Answer )

What is a function of an evaporating dish?

Also known as watch glasses, evaporating dishes are used inchemistry in order to evaporate substances, most usually water, toproduce a more concentrated solution or a solid precipitate of thedissolved substance.

Where can one purchase porcelain dishes and dinnerware?

Porcelain dishes and dinnerware can be purchased from: eBay, Amazon, Macy's, Overstock, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrell, Fish Pond, Crazy Sales, Zanui, Kitchen Style, Kitchenware Superstore. Prices start from $69.