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Q: Future of computer technology?
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HOW computer technology will be in future?

In the future Tech will be controlling humans.

What is the future of computer networking?

the future of networking depends on need of networking in future the technology goes higher and introduce ipv8,10 so on............................

Define what classifies a computer?

Well what basically Classifies a computer is a Instrument of Technology it has help us out in the future, It has advanced technology so i don't care and you are dumb for reading this!

What is Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility's motto?

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility's motto is 'Technology is driving the future... it is up to us to do the steering'.

What are the latest computer related topics for presentation?

1 Future of computer2 3D computer3 Uses of educational technology4 Impact of computer in education5 Computer as a pedagogical instrument

What is the relationship of computer to technology?

A computer is a type of technology.

Define computer technology law?

what is computer technology

What are the latest computer technology?

the Latest computer technology is a Samsung Tablet

Who invented the computer and why?

The computer's invention has been detailed as to why it was invented that answer is possibly because the people of those days wanted to invent a machine that could aid them in simplifying complex calculations. Even today the invention is the continuous process. It has not end. After some centuries may be computer will called with something different names other then the word 'Computer'. It's all that need. "Need is necessity for invention". The present computer technology will become history and more advance technology will reveal to us in near or far future, but the milestone of today computer technology will only be responsible for future so called 'computer'.

Give you 3 subtopics on computer Technology?

give me three subtopics on computer technology

Who is the Father of computer technology?

The father of computer technology name was Charles Babbage

When was Wasatch Computer Technology created?

Wasatch Computer Technology was created in 1982.

Will technology change in the future?


How does technology affect the future generations to come?

technology is the world

How does computer technology impact the planning of instructions?

Computer technology impacts the planning of instructions by organizing them. Computer technology can distribute instructions to the recipients within seconds.

Will advance technology benefit the world in the future?

Who knows? Its in the future.

What entertainment will you have in the future?

It is unknown what the future holds considering technology.

Is a computer a technology?

Asking if a computer is a technology is a weird question because there is something called "computer" and there is another thing called "computer technology". Computer technology is a combination of many other technologies (main division is hardware and software) and each have their unique properties. The technology is a know-how while computer is a device. When considered this way, it becomes easier to understand how computer technology helped mobile-phones evolve and become smart-phones.

What is computer technology?

The computer technology refers to the activity of constructing and designing and the programming of computers.

What is the latest invention in computer technology?

i think now latest technology in computer is Mesotechnology....

Is there a difference between computer engineering and computer engineering technology If so what is it?

Computer engineering technology is the product and concepts that is used in computer engineering.

Overview of information technology?

Information Technology, otherwise known as I.T is useful for people who will need to use office programs at their future job. However it doesn't always explain what is in a computer like computing.

Why is Computer Technology Important?

Question: Why is computer technology important?Answer: Without computer tecnology, I wouldn't be able to type this, would I?

What is the difference between computer technology and electronic technology?

Nothing really, because a computer technology is made up of electronic technology. So there is no difference basically.

How might technology affect the future shopping experience?

Technology might change shopping in the future by maybe instead of shops you could just go on your computer or IPad and there would be shops online and as soon as you buy it it arrives in 5-10 minutes. Just an Idea Hope this helps