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One possibility is the common jumping spider, which has a black body and white rings around its legs. Its scientific name is phidippus audax.


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i think a black widow. No way, black widows are smooth and shiny

I would go on and search for answer there. Otherwise, stay away from it.

The kind of spider that is large 3 inches black and fuzzy with white stripes and found in the Bahamas is a tarantula. These tend to hide most of the time, but they may come out when it rains or if they are disturbed.

Jumping spiders, or bold jumping spiders, are black and white, fuzzy spiders that move with jerky movements. These spiders do not build webs, and their bite is harmless to humans.

I think that I just caught the same spider, it is a "Daring Jumping Spider." does yours have green/blue looking "Fangs" ? because that is definitely the one.

black spider with white dot

Are black and white thorn spider venomous

i have a spider that is black with a white strip on its back?

what spider is black with a white hourglass on its back

What is the spiritual meaning of black & white spider.

A black and white spider is commonly called a zebra spider. It is called a zebra spider because it shares the same type of black and white stripes that a zebra has.

it could be a brown widow or a black and white jumping spider

The spider that is black with a white crescent on its back is the Brown House Spider. This spider is often confused with the red-back spider.

I love riddles!! What kind? i have caught a spider with those exact same markings... the white "spot" on top of it's abdomen looks more like a white heart, and i found this spider in my yard in Sacramento, CA.... from what i have learned this spider is a Daring (or Bold) Jumping Spider... harmless and non aggressive supossedly...

It is called a white tipped spider.

I got black spider white a while for on back no that kill you

The Zebra spider, Salticus scenicus, is known as such because of its black and white striped body. It is a common jumping spider.

The kind of spider with a white body and black and white banded legs might be a crab spider. This could also be a wolf spider or a jumping spider depending on where you live in the world. There are over 40,000 species of spider.

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