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yes Primal Carnage lets you be a dinosaur

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Q: Games where you are a dinosaur?
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Where can one find dinosaur games online?

Someone can find dinosaur games online from a number of gaming websites such as Kongregate. The website Kongregate has a large selection of dinosaur games.

Are there dinosaur games?

i think so, you can type in dinosaur games the next time you use google. board games? yes there are. you can make one yourself if you want to! Plus Primal Carnage, where you can be a dinosaur!

What are some famous dinosaur games?

There are many popular dinosaur based games that a person can play and one of the most popular dinosaur games would include the Dino Crisis franchise. Many websites offer dinosaur based puzzle and action games for a person to play in their free time.

Is there games where you get to be a dinosaur?

gta 4

Do dinosaur king have PC games?


What dinosaur games are available online?

There are several games available on the internet. The ToysRUs websites has many dinosaur games available for a wide age range of children. The amazon website also has many dinosaur games for children along with reviews of the games. The most reasonable prices are on Amazon.

Is there any mmorpg games were your a dinosaur?


Any other games like clubpenguin?

club dinosaur

Where can you create a virtual pet dinosaur?

dinasor pet games

Are there games that you really be a dinosaur or a dragon?

there is a game called DinoSawUs

Where can find dinosaurs games for children?

The PBS Kids website has a range of dinosaur games for children. Otherwise, one can visit toy retailers such as Toys 'R' Us and Walmart to find examples of dinosaur games.

Are there any dinosaur games like wolf quest where you get to be the dinosaur?

yes but its not out yet, Primal Carnage. Look it up, its pretty cool

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