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Do you mean what are some GameShark codes?

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โˆ™ 2010-05-27 23:34:56
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Q: Gameshark Pokemon LeafGreen
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Where are HMS in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Get a gameshark

How do you cheat on Pokemon LeafGreen?


What is a cheat for Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you steal Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need a Gameshark or ActionreplayYou need a Gameshark. I use to steal Pokemon in Pokemon Gold and Silver with my Gameshark all the time.

What is the Pokemon LeafGreen gameshark of moonstone?

duck you

Gameshark codes for Pokemon LeafGreen?


How can you cheat in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Use a gameshark

What is the Pokemon LeafGreen gameshark code?


Is there a cheat to get all pokemon in pokemon leafgreen?

there is no chaeat apart from gameshark

What are the gameshark cheats to get each and every Pokemon on Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you hack to unlock all legendaries Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?


What is the GameShark code for Dialga in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there is none.

What is the gameshark code for an everstone on Pokemon LeafGreen?


What are the cheats for pokemon LeafGreen?

There are no cheats for ANY Pokemon games unless you have a gameshark

How do you get Mew in Pokemon LeafGreen without a gameshark?

you have to trade from emerald

What is the gameshark code for the obeying mew in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Where do you enter cheat codes in Pokemon LeafGreen?

with a gameshark only

What is the gameshark code to get all the badges on Pokemon LeafGreen?


What is a gameshark code for master balls on Pokemon LeafGreen?


Can you catch arceus in pokemon LeafGreen?

not possible, even with gameshark.

What level do you catch mew at in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't catch mew on leafgreen you need gameshark codes for that

What are Pokemon LeafGreen GameShark codes?

First get a gameshark then look online for codes after that put the gameshark in the leafgreen game then type in codes. Also the codes can get you Pokemon and items instead of looking and looking you can get them easily. Most gamesharks are $15 to $20. Hope this helps ;)

How do you get arcituno on Pokemon emerald?

You have to trade from FireRed and LeafGreen. Or buy a Gameshark.

What are the gameshark codes for pokemon leafgreen?

go to,, or

How do you get three master balls in Pokemon LeafGreen?

By using a gameshark in your emulator.r

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