Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Gameshark Pokemon LeafGreen?


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Do you mean what are some gameshark codes?


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You need a Gameshark or ActionreplayYou need a Gameshark. I use to steal Pokemon in Pokemon Gold and Silver with my Gameshark all the time.

there is no chaeat apart from gameshark

There are no cheats for ANY Pokemon games unless you have a gameshark

not possible, even with gameshark.

You can't catch mew on leafgreen you need gameshark codes for that

You have to trade from FireRed and LeafGreen. Or buy a Gameshark.

By using a gameshark in your emulator.r

go to neoseeker.com, supercheats.com, or gameshark.com

You need a gameshark, and gameshark codes. In other words "dirty cheating which ruins your game"

Gameshark is a code program you cant make a code for it but there are cheat codes.

First get a gameshark then look online for codes after that put the gameshark in the leafgreen game then type in codes. Also the codes can get you Pokemon and items instead of looking and looking you can get them easily. Most gamesharks are $15 to $20. Hope this helps ;)

Since LeafGreen is a GBA game, you would need to use a GameShark.

Normaly you can't, but a use gameshark!!

you are not allowed to unless you use GameShark.

You must use action replay or gameshark.

i hav no idea it is sure 722C0931 68DA1B05

yes. trade from firered or leafgreen, or use gameshark.

no unless there is an action replay or gameshark code for it.

GameShark SP, probably for Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen

Must trade from LeafGreen of FireRed or use gameshark.

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