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Gear shift on 2000 Escort ZX2 stuck in park what is wrong?



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It is possibly a piece called the shift interlock. There should be a fuse for it. Basically, the interlock prevents you from shifting out of park without pressing the brake. Check the fuses. If it does not have a separate fuse, check the brake light fuse as they may be interconnected.

Another Answer:

I recently had to do this job, you can take apart the center console/ shifter assembly, and its located on the right hand side of it . you can take a zip tie and permantely engage it, but be careful where you zip it to, because if you zip it to the wrong bar it will lock your key in the ignition. The only bad about this method is you can shift it out of park even with the car off, but its a cheap easy fix. It only took me 20 minutes to do.

Another Answer:

All I did was refer to the owners manual page 102 or 105 I believe, and followed the instructions. All you have to do is start the car open the small cap on the right side of the shifter insert a Phillips head screw driver and this will release the interlock. The problem is: you have to do this every time so keep the screwdriver in the car.