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Georgia bill of sale vehicle?

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Answer for GA title question.According to, which is an unofficial "guide to the DMN" a GA Bill of Sale requires the following things on the Bill of Sale:
  • Name of seller/transferee.
  • Complete address of seller. Must be street address; a P.O. box is not acceptable.
  • Date of sale.
  • Complete vehicle description, including vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model, year, series number, and body type.
  • Lienholder created at time of resale.
  • Date of lien, if applicable.
  • Name of purchaser.
  • Complete address of purchaser; P.O. box is not acceptable.
  • Vehicle odometer reading at time of sale.
  • Signature of seller or authorized representative.
  • Signature of purchaser.

You CANNOT use a Bill of Sale without a title when selling/ recieveing a vehicle unless a vehical is specifically within the boundaries of a vehicle that doesn't require a title (listed below).

If you would like a printable, online Bill of Sale go to the following website.

If you thought you could use a Bill of Sale instead of an Automobile Title, in Georgia, this is not acceptable. If you have lost your title, you need to get a replacement. In order to receive a new title, you must fill out the proper paperwork, and take it to your DMV. You will be charged $8.00 and it will take about 2 weeks for your new title to come to you in the mail. In order to receive a new title, you need the following things:

  • Completed MVD Title/ Tag Application, Form MV-1 (a link is below). This form is preferred typed, but can also be printed legibly.
  • Mutilated/ Damaged title if possible
  • $8.00 replacement fee

MV- 1 :

For more information on Bills of Sale, go to any of the following links:

For more information regarding titles and their replacement, go to the following links:

For the Georgia DMV website, go to the following link:

Hopefully, this information was helpful.

Cars that are considered antique/hobby cars can be sold with a bill of sale and a title is not required. Odometer readings are also exempt for older cars.

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Can you sell your vehicle with a bill of sale?

You can sell your vehicle with a bill of sale. The title office will except a bill of sale as proof of ownership and payment.

How do you get a vehicle bill of sale?

State approved motor vehicle bill of sale forms can be obtained at your local tag office. If your state doesn't issue a state approved bill of sale you can find a sufficient motor vehicle bill of sale form at the attached link.

Massachusetts bill of sale Vehicle?

State approved motor vehicle bill of sale forms can be obtained at your local tag office.

What is the different between bill of sale and title?

with cars no, Your bill of sale is the title or deed to your vehicle

Where do you find a bill of sale?

State approved motor vehicle bill of sale forms can be obtained at your local tag office. If your state doesn't issue a state approved bill of sale you can find a sufficient motor vehicle bill of sale form at the link provided below.

What is the bill of sale at the DMV?

The bill of sale at the DMV is a form you need to fill out when you want to sell your vehicle. The bill of sale form is one of the most overlooked forms.

Do you have a Tennessee bill of sale?

State approved motor vehicle bill of sale forms can be obtained at your local tag office.

Can a generic bill of sale form be used to sell a car?

A bill of sale shows that the seller sold the vehicle to the buyer and provides the details of that sale. Please note that a bill of sale does not prove ownership--only .

How do you word vehicle receipt?

Bill of sale Invoice Are these what you are looking for?

What is vehicle parts bill of sale?

A receipt for the parts you have purchased.

Where to find a sample contract for sale of vehicle?

Bill of Sale forms can be obtained from the DMV website

How old does a car have to be that you can use the bill of sale to get it registered in Georgia?


Can you drive a car with a bill of sale until you can transfer the title?

It depends on the Motor Vehicle laws of the State the vehicle is in. In New York, you cannot register a vehicle unless the Title is presented at the time of registration. The Bill of Sale is worthless without a vehicle title

Does a Bill of sale have to be notarized?

Some state approved motor vehicle bill of sale forms do require the seller's and buyer's signatures be notarized.

Is it true that Title is proof of ownership as shown by a bill of sale?

The 'title" that the DMV issues reflects the true ownership of the vehicle as recorded by the state. A bill of sale is a document that transfers ownership of the vehicle from the seller to the buyer. It functions as both a basic agreement for the sale of the vehicle, and also as the sales receipt.

If you have a signed title do you need a bill of sale in AZ?

The AZ motor vehicle department does have a state approved bill of sale form that is completed and signed by the owner.

What does delivered price on a vehicle bill of sale mean?

Cost for delivery is included.

Which dealers provide a printable bill of sale for a vehicle?

A bill of sale is available from any of your major dealers. Chrysler, Chevrolet, Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda, BMW, and Mercedes are all car dealers that will provide you a printable bill of sale.

Can you register a motorcycle with a bill of sale?

that depends on your State. in some states a bill of sale is all that is needed to title and register a motor vehicle , providing it isnt stolen or titled in a different state or their isnt a lein on the vehicle. . most states will need a little more than just a bill of sale though. no title, no deal is the safe way to go when purchasing ANY motor vehicle. .

Is there a right of recission when purchasing a used vehicle in New Jersey?

there is no right to recision in regard to the sale of a new or used motor vehicle in the state of Georgia

I sold a vehicle and gave a bill of sale can I cancel the sale?

If you and the buyer are in agreement, then certainly. You would give the money back, and the buyer would give back the vehicle and the bill of sale. However, if the new owner has already registered it with the DMV, then the sale is completed and the vehicle has changed ownership. If the buyer still owes you money, and you didn't put a lien on the title, you would have to take the buyer to court.

Can you sell a car with bill of sell?

States have different laws regulating the sale of a vehicle in the state. Some states require a bill of sale. It is best to seek answers from the state motor vehicle department to ensure accurate answers are given.

Vehicle Bill of Sale?

Get StartedThe Vehicle Bill of Sale is a document under which one or more sellers transfer title rights in a vehicle to one or more buyers. This document only represents the transfer of the RIGHT to ownership; the vehicle's certificate of title represents ACTUAL ownership. Thus, this document and the certificate of title are needed to complete the transfer of the vehicle.The Vehicle Bill of Sale should be signed by the seller(s), and becomes effective as of the date provided in the text of the document. The buyer(s) should sign the Vehicle Bill of Sale immediately below the odometer statement in the document. The buyer(s) should also make sure to obtain appropriate insurance coverage for the vehicle.

What is the process for a private party selling a car in Georgia?

When selling a car in Georgia to a private party, there is a few things you will need. You will need the title of the car, this will be used to sign over the car to the new owner so they will then have ownership of the car. You do not want to sign it over until all payment is accumulated. Once the title is signed over, the buyer has new ownership, and they wouldn't have to finish paying the balance. The second thing you would need is to a bill of sale. You can create one on your own or you can get one from the Georgia Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division that is already drafted. The bill of sale will have the information, (Full name and address) of the buyer and seller, the car details, such as condition and price. The date of sale, and any liens will also be listed on the bill of sale. Both seller and buyer will sign the bill of sale. Make a copy of the bill of sale for the buyer, they will use this to get the new registration.

Can you get a refund from a used car vehicle after you signed the bill of sale?

Most states allow for a 72 lower grace period after the signing of any contract. A bill of sale is considered a contract.