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Q: German or Austrian children's TV show with a little boy called peter?
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How does countries that speak German effect Austria?

We Austrians speak German, for it is our mother tongue. But it's right that there a certain differences. Not only in the accent, also in the use of tenses and especially in the vocabulary. And the "German German" certainly does influence the Austrian German. Over the last 10 - 15 years we could observe that little by little German terms take the place of our Austrian terms. A reason for this change is on the one hand the influence of German TV, for we can watch all German cable TV programs here, which affects mainly our youth. And on the other hand it has to do with standardization. E.g. international food companies write their product's description in four or five different languages on the packaging. And of course they don't write a German and an Austrian version on one packaging, because the standard German version can be understood in both countries. So, as an Austrian citizen you get used after a while to the German standard vocab. So we now use e.g. more and more the word "Tomate" for tomatoe, although the Austrian word is "Paradeiser".

Were most of the Nazis Austrian?

At the time, there was very little distinction between Austrian and German nationality - that is a post-War concept. If you place it on the basis of what country they came from, though, many were, but it was proportional to the populations. After the Anschluß, one cannot say that someone was Austrian, as they were officially a part of Germany.

Who was the french leader who was called the little corporal?

Napoleon was called "Petit Caporal" or "Little Corporal." by his troops after he defeated four Austrian armies that he was supposed to just "hold off".

What is Mozarts nationality?

Mozart was Born in Salzburg, Austria. And he died in Vienna, Austria. I'm pretty sure some of his relatives were German as well, so he has a little German in him but other than that, he is a full on Austrian.

What is the childrens video with big brown monster bear and little girl called?

Purdoink: the MovieRated PG2011

Where in the world did Beethoven live?

im not sure but i think that he was German or Austrian , i know he traveld as a child though to show off his musical abillitys. he also wrote twinkle twinkle little star

How do you decorate your Christmas Tree in Holland?

little childrens pants

Where is the Childrens Museum Of Arkansas Inc in Little Rock Arkansas located?

The address of the Childrens Museum Of Arkansas Inc is: 500 President Cllinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201

What languages are spoken in Austria?

Most people in Austria speak German, but there are a few minor languages spoken such as Turkish.The main and the only official language of Austria is German.German languageGermanThey speak German. As with most languages, there is a dialect, but the language is certainly German.GermanThe official language of Austria is German. Slovene and Hungarian are other languages also spoken by the people in Austria.they speak GermanGerman. (To be more precise - Austrian dialect of German.)GermanMost of the people speak German.Although there are some villages where Turkish, French, Czech, and many other languages are spoken the national language and spoken all over the country is German.GermanGerman.Austrians speak German (Deutsch). However, they speak a bit differently from their German brothers. Austrians have a distinct accent and a slightly different vocabulary.The official language of Austria is German.German.No. They speak German, but it is a little bit different from German spoken in Germany (the same way that London English and New York City English are somewhat different).Yes it is. They speak the Austrian dialect of German.The principal language is officially called "Austrian German". Accredited is also the "Austrian sign language".A variety of German.German is the official language.German is the official language.Yes. High German (which is the German spoken in Germany) is the official language of Austria. Nearly all Austrians can speak High German, but a minority in the more rural, mountainous areas speak local dialects of German that are quite different from High German.German is the most common language, but the 3 official languages of Austria are German, Dutch and French.German.Officially Austria speaks German (with it's own dialects). But there are cultural links with the neighbouring countries... so some Austrians speak Slovenian, Hungarian, etc.While Austria has no official second language, a significant percentage of Austrians speak English as a second language, which makes it the language with the largest number of speakers in Austria after German, the national language.The main (and the official) language is German.GermanAustrians speak German. But with an Austrian dialect which is unmistakable to most German nativesGERMANGermanFirst off, Autriche is the French name for Austria. The major languages spoken there are German, Slovene, Croatian, and Hungarian.

What does little one mean in German?

Little one in German is der Kleine

What is el baquine?

a funeral, slaves used to do to little childrens when they died

Who is the singer of the song twinkle twinkle little star?

childrens and baybo

What is the Samoan translation for Little kid games?

Little kid games/Childrens games = Taaloga a tamaiti.

What is Rotkappchen in English?

"Rotkäppchen" is German for "(little) red cap." It is the German name of the character Little Red Riding Hood. There is also a popular sparkling wine called Rotkäppchen, named after the fairy tale.

What are the release dates for Altenberg The Little Pocket Mirror - 2012?

Altenberg The Little Pocket Mirror - 2012 was released on: USA: 2 May 2012 (New York Neue Galerie for Austrian and German Art) UK: 26 June 2012 (London)

How do you say little sparrow in German?

English: "little sparrow" is German: "kleiner Spatz".

What is the translation word for little girl in German?

"Little girl" is "kleines Mädchen" in German.

What famous childrens story did Sarah josepha hale write?

Sarah did write childrens poetry, but not stories as far as I know. She wrote the poem Marys Lamb, which was turned into the famous childrens song, Mary Had a Little Lamb.

How was the author of the little house series of childrens books?

Laura Ingalls Wilder

What bad things did John D Rockefeller do?

he played with little childrens wangs

Who was the author of the Little House series of childrens book?

Laura Ingalls Wilder

The word 'little ones' in German?

The little ones are die Kleinen in German.

Does Austria speak french?

No, the official language is German. but Austrians speak exclusively German (unless a different language is spoken in their family, just as in every other country). However, they do not speak the same German Germans speak - they speak a sometimes rather heavy dialect, or accent. That is, a German from the South will understand them easily, people from the North will have problems here and there, unless an Austrian makes an effort to enunciate. If you as a non-native speaker have had German in school, you will have problems understanding Austrians talking to each other, same goes for Switzerland by the way. They do speak German, however - so if you let them know you´re not Austrian they will speak almost perfectly clear German with only a little accent. Lovely people. : answered by Graceabelle

What is Allison in German?

Allison in German is Little Alice little Alice or Allison means noble kin

Does Germany have little German kids to hug?

No but German people do.