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Q: Get a stranglet from nearest quark star then transform another neutron star into a quark star?
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How far is the nearest neutron star?

The nearest neutron star to us is called an unremarkable PSR J0108-1431. It is located about 424 light years from us in the constellation Cetus.

What the process by which an atom bombarded by a neutron becomes another isotope of the same element?

Neutron Capture.

How do neutrons released during a chain reaction sustain the reaction?

The neutron may be absorbed by a nucleus, for example the nucleus of a U-235 atom, transform it into another kind of nucleus, and thus provoke instability. The new nucleus in this case is of a kind that quickly disintegrates.

What forces in carbon 14 does isotope transform a neutron into a proton?

Nuclear forces are the exact forces in carbon-14 that transforms a neutron into a proton. The actual process includes alpha decay, beta decay, relative dating, and absolute dating.

Could a neutron star break due to a collision?

A neutron star is so dense, that apart from a direct collision from another neutron star, the chances are slim to impossible.

What is another name for neutron star?


If the nucleus is so big then how close is the nearest neutron?

Actually, the nucleus is incredibly small and the neutrons are contained there.

Example of a Neutron Star?

Puppis A is a neutron star. I remember another neutron star named "Gaminga," but I could not find any links to it. Refer to the links below.

What happen if one neutron is added to a helium nucleus?

Another isotope of the element helium will be formed when neutron is added to the helium nucleus.

When did scientists discover the neutron?

1932,when James Chadwick suggested that there is another un-charged particle comes with proton,and its called Neutron Neutron is a particle that has no charge found in the nucleus

Is a neutron pushing on another neutron a electric force?

Neutrons have no electric charge so there isn't an electric force. Only with electrons and protons.

What is a pulsar in space?

Basically another name for a neutron star.

What is the sub atomic particle that varies from one isotope to another?

It is neutron

What is tha neutron for calicum?


What is the charge of a neutron in antimatter?

A neutron is still of neutral charge (no charge). Antimatter can be thought of as protons having a negative charge and electrons having a positive charge. If matter and anti-matter collide they annihilate one another, but neutrons remain.

In beta minus decay a neutron is converted into what?

In beta minus decay, a neutron is converted into a proton. A link can be found below to a related question with a descriptive answer, and there is another link there as well.

How are the nucleus protons and neutrons different from one another?

The proton has a positive charge, the neutron is ... neutral.

What is another name for black holes?

not sure but i guess you could call it an imploded neutron star

How is the heat released from nuclear fuel used to generate electricity in power stations?

In a nuclear reactor, the U-235 atoms are stored in fuel rods. Then, neutrons are fired at the nuclei, causing it to split and release energy and another neutron. That neutron hits another nucleus, splits it, and energy is released, along with another neutron...You get the picture. And all of this creates a lot of heat. This heat is used to boil water, creating an immense amount of steam. The steam turns a turbine, which runs the generator, thus, creating electricity.

Why neutron is call neutron?

The neutron is called the neutron because it it electrically neutral, hence the neu- prefix

Is an example of an electrostatic force acting in an atom neutron attracting an electron a proton attracting an electron an electron attracting another electron a neutron attracting a proton?

This is valid only for the attraction between a proton and an electron.

Any subatomic particle found in the atomic nucleus Another name for either proton or neutron?

A nucleon.

How is plutonium made?

Plutonium is made by the activation of uranium by neutrons. A shaped amount of refined uranium is lowered into an operating nuclear reactor, and the sample is bathed in the neutron flux of the operating reactor. Uranium atoms capture a neutron (via neutron absorption) and transform into plutonium.There are several ways to create plutonium. One is neutron absorption of uranium, followed by two stages of beta decay ...92238U + 01N --> 92239U --> Beta- --> 93239Np --> Beta- --> 94239Pu... leaving out the electrons and the electron antineutrinos.Another way is deuteron bombardment ...92238U + 12D --> 93238Np --> Beta- --> 94238Pu... again, leaving out the electrons and the electron antineutrinos.

What is a name of an atom that has a positive or negative neutron?

There is no such thing as a "positive neutron" or a "negative neutron". A neutron is always neutral.

What is a sentence for neutron?

A sentence for neutron is:A neutron can be described as an uncharged elementary particle