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Get tickets using mistery gift?

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Yes, if you are attending a Nintendo of America Event, then during certain activities the use of Mystery Gift is needed. Other then that, Mystery Gift is utterly and totally useless.

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What is the mistery gift?

Mystery Gift is the used only for getting special tickets or items at Nintendo events.

Get Mystic Ticket without Nintendo event or action replay?

this is a slight chance mistic ticket is one of the rarest tickets you can get. Remember in fire red and leaf green it came with wireless adapters in your emerald version get the mistery gift along with a friend who has mistery gift and put both of your wireless adapters in your gameboys. then when your game is on the main menu. then scroll down to mistery gift when you trade your mistery gifts you will have bunch or chances for diforent tickets that means different pokemon. lugia ho-oh deoxes latios and my persanal favorite latias

Can you get mew with mistery gift?

== == no

How you get the mistery gift?

it comes naturally.

How do you get the mistery gift?

It's no longer possible to get the mystery gift.

How do you get the mistery gift on Pokemon diamond?

You need a wii

How doyou get the asure flute?

u get it by mistery gift

What is in the mystic gift in Pokemon diamond?

Do you mean mistery gift? I've never heared of a mystic gift.

Where to find Deoxys in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in a island with mistery gift

How else can you get the azur flute on Pokemon diamond?

mistery gift

Where can you get deoxis in FireRed version?

in a island to get there you need mistery gift

How do you get arceus in Pokemon Pearl without action replay or a cheat?

you have to have a friend that already cheated the azure flute then get mistery gift from the reporters and then hit for mistery gift receive from friend then get it from him/her it is possible and ive been the only1 2 know for a while!!!!!!!!!!

How can you get the azure flure on Pokemon diamond with out action replay?

you have to get the mistery gift and use it to get the azure flute

How do you get the mistery gift in pokemon?

ha ha! whoever put this q had spelled mystery wrongly! haha1

In emerald for the mystery gift what is the wireless adapter?

dude , for using the mistery gift , u need a wireless adapter , that u have to buy , you can acess net , and get lots of stuff , like ho-ho , lugia , and deoxis , ok , hope i helped :D

How do you get a mistery gift?

yo go to the man next door and he will give you a gift basket full of goodies and in there you will find paper with the answer to your problems! in jubalife city in the tv station

How do you get a mastery gift?

If by "mastery gift" you mean "Mistery Gift," then go to any PokeMart in Pokemon Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen, and talk to the questionnaire at the counter near the guy. Input the words "link together with all."

Where is mistery box on Pokemon emerald?

don't know is a mistery

Is mistery a genre?

it is spelled Mystery not misteryyes it is genre

How do you transfer Ticketmaster tickets bought as a gift?

If you bought physical tickets, you can just give them as a gift. If you bought Ticketfast tickets, you can print them out and give them as a gift. (They will have your name on the printout, but that doesn't matter) If you bought tickets to a paperless show (Hannah Montana, Bruce Springsteen, etc), then there's really no way to transfer those tickets. Hope this helps!

How do you use the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald?

you have to link up with someone else through a game link, then use mistery gift.put in LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL at a Pokemon mart

Where do you get the mistery gift?

Go to jubilife city walk as if you are heading to route 204 its to your left its the building w/ a big screen flashin

In Pokemon FireRed how do you get the aurara ticket?

in the poke mart the paper write link together with all (u get mistery gift added in the main menu) go to mistery gift and go in the poke mart talk to the guy in green next to the counter and he will give it to you p.s. u need the link thing that's in the box to do the event

What is the best Gift for a man?

I think the nice gift for a men is to tickets two the sop

What is the mistery gift in Pokemon Crystal?

It's in crystal because crystal is the second best Pokemon game ever.----Devon Allen Jones