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depends on what way you are testing it but you either have a bad connection between the alternator and the battery or your battery is bad and cant hold the charge what voltage are you getting

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Q: Getting enough amps from the alternator but not enough to the battery?
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What does an ammeter measures?

It reads the amps that the alternator is putting back in the battery.

Battery is fine but cold cranking amps are low and car hesitates when cranking?

check battery and alternator


The inverter isn't run off the alternator... it's run off the battery. The alternator simply recharges the battery.

Why would your car volt amps drop while you stop at a light?

Engine is idling too slow or the alternator is weak. Or battery is getting tired.

Can a battery with to many cold cranking amps burn up an alternator in a 2001 vw bug?

"Big" Battery Damage Alternator?No, it should not damage the alternator. If this has happened it's probable that the problem is somewhere in the wiring circuit connected to the battery and alternator.

How does an alternator produce different amps?

It depends on the load and the voltage. In an automobile, a battery will typically have a voltage of about 12 Volts. If the engine is not running and you turn on the lights, the lights will start drawing current from the battery and the voltage will drop by a volt or so, depending on how strong a charge the battery has. An alternator will produce in the neighborhood of 15 Volts. If it is trying to push current into a system with a fully charged battery, it will only be able to push a few amps. If the voltage in the battery drops, the alternator will be able to push more amps. A completely dead battery will draw the most current (amps).

Why would your car have low amps and shut off on you?

Either the battery is bad or the alternator is bad.

Your Chevy s10 battery light came on but it gits 12 amps of power is this enough or should you look at replacing alternator?

That's not 12 amps,that's 12 volts,which means the system isn't charging Measure the voltage across the battery terminals,if its charging properly,it will be between 13.8 and 14.7 volts,anything less and its not charging. Suspect then a faulty alternator or wiring problem. and have the battery properly recharged and tested too,a low battery will not give you a correct charging reading and a faulty alternator can take its toll on a battery.

Why would the fans and radio no longer work after replacing the alternator if the fuses are still good?

Your radio and fan may have shoted out or the wrong amps are being used. If there isn't enough amps to run everything. The battery might not have enough juice, or there are wires touching somewhere.

What should the cold cranking amps be for a 1999 ford mustang?

A 58 Amp Heavy Duty Battery 540 Cold Cranking Amps @ 0° F (Primary): Maximum Alternator Capacity (amps): 115 Amps

What causes the battery light to come on when the headlights goes on?

Your alternator may not be putting out enough Amps to charge your battery and run your headlights as well. You can test this by measuring the voltage from the battery with a multimeter. With the car running the volts should be around 14 or more on a 12 volt battery. Try it with the lights on too.

How many alternator amps 94 corolla 1.8?

hi in 94 corolla 80 amps alternator

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