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Getting separated how to lower debt consolidation payment My CARE ONE debt consolidation payment will be too high after my separation how do I lower it?



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If you cannot afford the payments, talk to them and ask them to lower the payments.

If that does not work out, try getting into Debt Settlement.

Make sure to research on the negatives of Debt Settlement.

1. Credit score drop

2. Collection calls

3. Chances of getting sued

Look out for a company that can offer you some kind of support on the above 3 drawbacks. Answer 2 Debt settlement or debt elimination, is considered a specialty service mostly offered to people who "fall out" of a debt consolidation program, can't make the minimum payment of a debt consolidation program, or have large outstanding debts on which they haven't paid in the past 3 months. The main benefit of a debt negotiation service is that clients usually only pay around 50% of the amount they owe to their creditors.