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I dont think a girl can get pregnant without getting married.

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Q: Girl get pregnate by herself
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Can a girl get pregnate by pre-ejaculate?

Yes she can.

Can a girl get pregnate by pre-cum?

Yes she can.

Can a girl get another girl pregnate?

no girls can not get another girl pregnant

You already have two boys and I want a girl what do I do?

you are able to adopt or get pregnate again and hope u get lucky

Can boy hamsters live with girl hamsters?

No unless you want the girl hamster to get pregnate. You should keep the boys and girls separated because they will fight.

Can a girl turn into a boy?

yes, but you would need surgery for this to happen. That's how men can get pregnate...they still have a vigina

Is Debby Ryan pregnate?

No way in HECK she is pregnate! I don't think she even has a boyfriend!

How do you do a pretend ultrasound?

you can not you have to get pregnate

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Why do they say to take a test after a missed period?

Because if you are not pregnate you would have you period.Presumably,there is a big chance of you pregnate.

When was The Girl Who Ate Herself created?

The Girl Who Ate Herself was created in 1992.

A cool girl?

A girl who is girl is a girl being herself..

How is a horse born?

A baby horse or foal is born when a male and female horse mate and the mare(girl) will become pregnate then have the foal.

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no she is not pregnate

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your mom was pregnate

Can girls get pregnate while they are on their period?


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Can a boy of seven years old get a girl pregnant?

A male of any age could only get a female pregnate if he has gone through puberty as well as the female. Once he has gone through puberty and is capable of creating sperm cells is the female able to get pregnate.

Will you get pregnant at age 14?

Yes you can get pregnate at the age of 14 there has been cases of girls getting pregnate at the age of 11.

What would happen if you were under 18 and you were 9 and you were a girl and you had sex with another nine year old what will happen?

U will get pregnate and why would u?

Is Jamie Lynn Spears pregnate?

yes she is Yes she is pregnate by a guy butt!! well i would say she's very gay......

How do you know if your fish is pregnate?

It gets fat.