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ok abs are much better than pecs . way hotter. and hair; long curly or straight. brown or blonde. shoes ; doesnt matter. no nikes . skin color ;doesnt matter. sports ; soccers hott. eye color; blue green brown?

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Do blue eyed girls sing better?

No..Eye color has nothing to do with it.

Why are girls with brown hair better than girls with blond hair?

They aren't. And, girls with blond hair aren't better than girls with brown hair, either. And, the premise is ridiculous. Hair color has nothing whatsoever to do with how one person is "better" than another.

What is the rairest silly band?

the is a sports pack that has scocer player that is frowing a ball in and sented and cangeing color thunder storm.

Why girls like pink color?

Girls will be girls. Some people like the pink color, and others think it's fashionable.

Is the Pantech blue better than the pink?

Well, It Actually depends on the color you like more. its preferred to be pink for girls blue for boys but whatever color you like better is not going to make a difference. so if you like pink better than blue then get pink or opposite.

Why is pink called the girl's color?

Well, I think that it is a very bright and girly color, so that may be the reason that girls like it. Pink color suits on Girls' things and it is a very cute color and the cute color matches with cute girls!

Why do girls like pink?

girls like the color pink because pink is a pretty color and it just makes girls feel pretty :)

Is green color better than brown color?

Yes green color is better than brown color

Is brown color better than green color?

Yes brown color is better than green color

Is color orange for boys or girls?

boys and some girls

What color are the girls tails of h20?

I think it is the color orange.

What color underwear do girls wear?

Generally any color.

What is a girls favourite color?

depending on the girl the stereotypical theory is that girls favorite color is pink. I personally love blue.

What is jakie Robinson known for?

He is known for being the first black baseball player & Showing the world that even different color people can play sports.

A normal male and color blind women have girls what is the probability of her being color blind?

The girls will have a 0% chance of being color-blind, but they will be carriers of the gene 100%.

What does the color of a girls thong tell you?

it means that she isn't color blind

Is sports bra better or cup shaped bra better to start with?

I would say a sports bra, because they're more comfortable to wear, and less easy to see under your clothes. I would also recommend a "nude" (skin-tone) color. Hope that helped! Signed, Lizzy Macbeth :)

What is Harvard's school color?

Crimson is Harvard's color and is also the name of their sports teams.

Is pink color better than red color?

yes it makes better look

Does tyga really like dark skin girls?

yes tyga likes all girls no matter what color she is as long as she is pretty funny and sweet......... so if u can handle a tyga like him you better try to contact him

Is an ipod better than an mp3 player?

YES!!!! it's alot better because it holds more songs, can hold music videos and it has a color screen. I would say it's much better!

Would Justin Bieber go out with girls his skin color or taned?

yes, he would go out with girls his skin color and girls that are a little tanned but, he doesn't really go out with dark skinned girls and he goes out with girls with brown hair and brown eyes

Is baby blue a girls and boys color?

Baby blue is more of a boys color than a girls color, since it is most often used in signs for a new baby boy.

What color is Sarah hardings from girls aloud hair color?

i think its brown

What color do girls must take to prom?

You can wear any color you want

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