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Give a few words about yourself?


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Before you even introduce yourself here are hints that if you don't follow you won't have to worry, because you won't get the job! 1) Dress to impress. Wear a suit, tie, a BELT and dress shoes. Your BELT should be the same color as your SHOES. 2) Get a conservative haircut (short!) 3) Any PIERCINGS that are visable, get rid of them. 4) Any tattoos, make sure they are COVERED by your clothing. You may love them and think they are way cool, but your interview will basically be over. 5) Stand up STRAIGHT and don't stare at the floor. Look interested. 6) DON'T EVER ask about how many days off you get or how long lunch is! 7) Don't even THINK about going to an interview with hair that is a strange color! 8) DON'T be chewing gum, but do make sure you have great oral hygiene and no bad breath. 9) Have good body hygiene but don't wear a lot of cologne (or perfume) 10) If you smoke, DON'T smoke just before the interview. They can smell it a mile away; it's a turn-off. NOW YOU ARE READY TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF!! When you approach an interviewer, LOOK AT THEM! Not their nose or chin etc.. Look at their EYES. Extend your RIGHT hand and shake their hand firmly(but not hard) and don't look away (keep looking in their eyes) as you say Good morning,afternoon whatever, my name is ****** ********, it's a pleasure to meet you. Same for a female interviewer, except a gentler handshake. Speak slowly, enunciate your words (DON'T MUMBLE!) Don't babble on about yourself. Remember, they are there to ask YOU questions. Answer all questions fully, but keep it short and simple. And NEVER tell a fib when asked a question. Don't volunteer information,,but don't lie about an answer. They can find out if you quit or got fired from your last job, or if you've ever been arrested etc... Once they find out you were not completely honest, you won't get the job. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU GOT THE JOB! WAY TO GO!


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