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Past tense - I was eating. They were eating.

Was and Were are the past tense forms of the verb "to be". The present tense forms are: is, am and are.

She is eating. I am eating. We are eating.


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Past Tense He did his homework, Present tense he is doing his homework.

The future tense of "give" is "give", example; "I will give you the answer". The present tense is "giving", example; "I am giving you the answer". The past tense is "gave", example; "I gave you the answer". You can also use "given" for past tense, example "I had given everything".

Using the verb 'laugh'Past tense - I laughed.Present tense - I laugh/He laughs.Future tense - I will laugh.

give - present tense gave - past tense will give - future tense

"Give" is present tense.

"must" is an example of a defective verb. It has only the present tense. To get the meaning of the past perfect tense of must, you have to say something like"had been required" or "had been obligated".

"Give" is a present tense verb.

Gave is the past tense of give. The present perfect tense of give is have/has given.

Present - givePast tense - gavePerfect tense - given

Past tense & past participle - disappeared. For example, "the girl disappeared last week". Present tense - I/you/we/they disappear. He/she/it disappears.

Present tense - give/gives Present participle - giving Past tense - gave Past participle - given Future tense - will give

Present tense - i see you past tense - i saw you

Regular verbs in English look like this: infinitive: to answer present tense: I answer, we answer, you answer, he answers, they answer past tense: answered future tense: will answer

You need to do this assignment .

I have beenI have seenI have eatenShe has not finishedYou have played

An example of regular verb is play (present tense) - played (past tense). Regular verbs take the -ed ending when creating the past tense.

This is past tense. Although the verb give is in the present form the tense is shown by the auxiliary verb do, which is in the past - did.

The teacher had taught these subjects to a previous class .

i will go to eat and let's go swing are 2 examples of present tense

I/you/we/they have given. He/she/it has given.

Examples of present tense in EnglishI talk - I am talking - I do talkI look - I am looking - I do lookI run - I am running - I do runbe verbs plus Ving is present continuous tenseI am talking - present continuousHe speaks English - present simple tense

A few of the many irregular verbs in English are:drive (present tense) drove (past tense) driven (past participle)lie (present tense) lay (past tense) lain(past participle)ring (present tense) rang (past tense) rung (past participle)read (present tense) read (past tense) read (past participle)am, is, are (present tense of be), was, were (past tense) been (past participle)

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