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Q: Give the composition of the deposit on the porcelain dish when it was held over the luminous flame?
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Why the evaporating dish turn black under luminous flame?

the black deposit must be on porcelain because of luminous flame which spread the hot coal or black deposit on white ceramic material.

Why luminous fame produce deposit on the bottom of the beaker?

Luminous flame produce deposit on the bottom of the beaker because when the beaker is near the flame, it limits the amount of oxygen for the methane, thus, the deposit (which is Carbon), is produced.

Which is more hotter a luminous flame or non-luminous flame?

Non-luminous flame

Differentiate a luminous flame and a non-luminous flame?

luminous flame emits light, non-luminous doesn't

What are Two kinds of flame?

Non-luminous flame and Luminous flame

Is luminous flame steady or unsteady?

luminous flame

How can you change a non-luminous flame to a luminous flame?


What are the two kinds of flame?

luminous and non-luminous flame.

Why is luminous flame named luminous flame?

because of the yellow flame, yellow is a bright coulor........... Scientific term......... The collar is closed to get luminous flame and collar open to get non- luminous flame....

What is the difference between luminous and non luminous?

-A non-luminous flame is when the air hole of the Bunsen burner is closed but a luminous flame is produced when the air hole is opened.-A luminous flame has an outer of orange colour and an inner of blue. A non-luminous flame has an outer of blue and an inner of orange.-A luminous flame produces soot while a non-luminous does not produce soot.-A luminous flame is weak and unsteady. A non-luminous flame is strong and steady.-A non-luminous flame is very hot while a luminous flame is not too hot.

What is non-luminous flame?

non-luminous flame is the kind of flame color yellow

Which is better the luminous or non-luminous flame?

Non-luminous flame is hotter and burn more efficiently than luminous flame as it burn all the carbon atoms. Plus, luminous flame produces soot.

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