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Give you a sentence on exhibitionist?


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An exhibitionist just wants attention. He's such an exhibitionist; just ignore him!

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I think you mean exhibitionist, which means someone who behaves extravagently in order to get attention. You can tell by his actions that he's just an exhibitionist.

An exhibitionist is a person who gets sexual satisfaction from exposing themselves or doing crazy things in public. Here are some sentences.A flasher is a type of exhibitionist.Exhibitionists do things like have sex in public.He is acting like an exhibitionist dancing around in his underwear at the party!

its a noun so you would use it to describe someone as in, "that guy is always acting like a clown when he's in public; he's such an exhibitionist."

(The word can mean one who likes to attract attention or one who exposes himself, as in nakedness, which may be a psychological disorder.)The exhibitionist was arrested after streaking at the football game.It is sometimes difficult to tell if a woman is simply fashionable or an exhibitionist.

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