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An estimated 3.2 billion have interest in football around the world. Sports like Cricket and Rugby are a distant 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Manchester United has 360 million supporters in Asia alone. its pretty obvious there is more than a billion supporters globally.

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Q: Globally how many people enjoy the sport of football today?
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What sport do British people most enjoy doing?


Which sport do british people most enjoy watching on tv?


Why do people enjoy football?

I think people enjoy football because its a challenging and competitive sport. Also family love to watch their team kick butt.

What sports do people enjoy in Louisiana?

Football is the most popular sport in Louisiana.

What cruel sport did people enjoy in the Tudor times?

bear baiting ,football,dance,tennis

Why is football your favorite sport?

Football is my favorite sport because.......i think it is fun, i enjoy throwing the ball, is your choice.

Why is football such a good sport to boys?

i guess its because its a physical sport and boys enjoy watching and playing football.

What sport did Taylor Lautner enjoy playing?


Why do people go to basketball games?

Because some enjoy the sport and/or have family and they wish to support them. Many people enjoy the sport because it's a workout. Because some enjoy the sport and/or have family and they wish to support them. Many people enjoy the sport because it's a workout. Because some enjoy the sport and/or have family and they wish to support them. Many people enjoy the sport because it's a workout.

Why do people watch football?

There are many reasons for why people watch (American) football. Americans in particular watch football because it can be a tradition for some families. Others simply enjoy the sport and watch the game.

Why is football is the best sport?

Some people think that football is the best sport but that is their opinion. Most people in England think that football is the best sport because it was invented in England>

Why soccer is rubbish?

While you may think that this is the case, many other people enjoy playing and supporting soccer. Statistically football (in the USA Soccer) is the most watched sport globally 1. Soccer / Association Football 3.5 Billion 2. Cricket 2.5 Billion 3. Field Hockey 2 Billion 4. Tennis 1 Billion

How many people have football as their favourite sport?

recently in 2013 football was chose by people over baseball that football is the most watched sport in america.

What is the importance of sportsmanship?

Keeping to the rules of the sport lets everybody enjoy it which is the point of sport as if you cheat people get angry and do not enjoy themselves. Sportsmanship such as putting the ball out for a throw in when someone is injured, in football gives the game a more friendly air and again stops people losing tempers.

What is the national sport of Belize?

The country of Belize does not have one official national sport. Belize as a nation does enjoy football, basketball, and volleyball.

Which are the most popular sports?

Baseball Basketball Cricket US Football Volleyball Hockey Globally Soccer is the most watched sport of all

Do teenage like to play football?

Not always football. And some teenage boys enjoy other sports. ( baseball, basketball,etc.) basketball is the most popular sport for teens. But teenage girls Enjoy sports as well. Not really playing them but cheering for them from the sidelines. Either watching or cheering on a cheer team. But football is another sport many teens enjoy.

Whats the worlds favorite sport?

Globally, the world's favourite sport is football (not American football). Sports such as baseball and American football are only popular in America. Football is the most popular sport in South America, Asia, Africa and in Europe. The World Cup Final was watched by nearly 300 million viewers, and throughout the tournament, there were and estimated 1.7 billion independent viewers.

How many people enjoy the sport of soccer?


Do they have a popular sport in Norway?

people are football crazy! (not American football)

The most watched sport by Portuguese people?

football,not American football.

Who pays more football or hockey?

football, more people are into that sport

Englands national sport?

England's national sportis cricket although to many people football (soccer) is seen as our national sport. Football is our most popular sport.

Why you take part in sport?

people like sport because it is fun and they enjoy what they are doing

What is the favorite sport in france?

The Favourite Sport in France is Football. But they also enjoy Handball, Basketball, Cycling, Sailing, Rugby Union and Tennis!!!!