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yes. it could. I wanted to go into a hot tub when I was pregnant and I was advised not to.

2006-08-03 21:55:26
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Can going into a hot tub or sauna cause a miscarriage?

Yes. You are not supposed to do that when you're pregnant. The web site Childbirth Connection writes, "If you are in the early stages of pregnancy, prolonged exposure to high temperatures can lead to neural tube defects in the baby."

Sauna with cold?

Sauna cleanses breathing cavities, so going to sauna is safe when having a cold.

Do sauna cause wrinkles?


Is sauna in Finland?

In Finland, saunas are very popular. More than 50% of households in Finland have a sauna and going to the sauna is something extremely popular in this country. Sometimes Finnish people jump in the freezing ice water and then get into a sauna. Sauna was invented by Finnish-people and the word 'sauna' comes from Finnish-language. The Americans pronounce it S-AH-NAH while the correct Finnish proununciation is S-OW-NUH

Will drinking alcohol when getting a sauna or massage cause problems?

Yes, sauna and alcohol could cause serious problems see the links attached. If you drink alcohol avoid the sauna.

Does a steam bath and sauna affect your hair?

A steam bath and sauna may cause the hair to frizz and possibly cause the hair to lose volume if styled.

Can a facial sauna cause pins and needles in feet?


Does sauna cause acne?

There is nothing indicating that sauna would cause acne. In fact, the sweating causes the pores of your skin to clean up, so sauna in fact reduces the symptoms of acne. It also reduces the greasiness of the skin. Most common sauna-related skin problem is excessive drying of the facial skin. This can be prevented by using moisturising cream after sauna.

Is sauna make skin get sunburnt?

There is no sunlight in sauna, so you can't get a sunburn in there. If you have a sunburn, I wouldn't recommend going to sauna, because it will feel N-A-S-T-Y.

Is going in a sauna bad if you are pregnant?

Yes, you should avoid hot tubs at least for the first few months. Because your body temperature can be raised, you risk causing neural tube defects. There is also some suspected issues with miscarriage.

Can you wear a sauna suit in the sauna?

No! Sauna suits are very dangerous in the sauna. They interfere with your body's ability to sweat. If you're wearing a vinyl suit, they give off huge quantities of toxic chemicals that can injure you and your sauna companions. Plus the sauna suit is an insulator, so it's going to slow down the effects of the sauna. The best use of a sauna is wearing as little as possible, so most of your skin is exposed to the heat and your body can sweat freely.

Be Conscious of What You Eat?

To fully maximize the benefits of a luxurious sauna bath, it is important for a person to be careful of what he or she eats. If you have just eaten dinner, then be sure to wait at least one hour before going into the sauna bath. Going into a sauna bath on a full stomach can leave one feeling tired and nauseous. Also, try not to consume any alcoholic beverages before going into a sauna bath. You should simply try to eat light before a sauna bath and drink lots of water. Experts recommend drinking as much water as possible before a sauna bath.

Should you put oil before going to sauna?

emu oil.

Do you get rash by wearing sauna suit in the sauna?

Sauna suits are not meant to be worn in sauna. You are supposed to be naked in there.

Limit Time Spend in an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna can be the key to relaxation. Sitting in an infrared sauna can be an immensely pleasurable experience. Before you sit in an infrared sauna, you should plan out how much time will be spent in the infrared sauna. You should only plan on spending up to 20 minutes in an infrared sauna for your first few times. Spending longer periods of time may cause your skin to dry out and prune. After spending time in a sauna, you should give yourself some time to relax and allow the body to cool off. Lay down and enjoy the entire sauna experience.

What is sauna twin?

Sauna twin is a product that makes you sweat, but disgraces the name of sauna because it has nothing to do with actual sauna.

Can you have a magazine inside a dry sauna?

In a Swedish sauna yes, in a Finnish sauna no.

Can there be too much steam in a sauna?

In a Finnish sauna, yes. In a Turkish sauna, no.

How lon did Sweden's Sauna Champion stay in the sauna?

Sauna World Championships are held in Finland, not Sweden. Swedish sauna is about 60 degrees colder than the Finnish sauna.

How do you say sauna in finnish?


How long will you have to sit inside of a sauna with a sauna suit on to sweat off a couple pounds?

You don't use sauna suit in the sauna.

How do you say sauna in French?

sauna (masc.)

What is sauna in Japanese?

サウナ, spelled sauna.

Which should you do first exercise or sauna?

I do sauna first, then swim for an hour, then sauna again after excercising.

What age is permmited for sauna?

There is no age limit for sauna, but it is usually adviced not to take toddlers in to the sauna