Goldfish tank cloudy

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Clean the tank, dont overfeed them

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Q: Goldfish tank cloudy
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Why does a fish tank get cloudy?

a fish tank is cloudy because of moisture and how hot or cold the fish tank is

Can fresh water mussels live in goldfish tank with goldfish in the tank?


Can you put fish into a tank that is a little cloudy?

depends on what makes it cloudy, if it is cloudy from the tap , run it again. if it is cloudy due to too much steriliser in the water then yes. if it is cloudy and you dont know why, clen the tank and put bottled water in the tank to be sure.

What should you put in your goldfish tank?

It is important to remember to put things in a goldfish tank, even goldfish get bored. Some of my suggestions for tank decor are artificial plants and a "hidey hole" for your goldfish.

Do goldfish shrink?

no goldfish can't shrink, but they do grow with their tank, and if you move a goldfish to a smaller tank, it might suffocate or even jump out of the tank if there isn't a lid

What fish can be put in a tank together with goldfish?

other goldfish

Can goldfish stay in the tank when platy fry are in?

You should not have goldfish and platies in the same tank ever.

Can glofish and goldfish be kept in the same tank?

No they cannot be in the same tank. Both fish have different needs and are not compatible; goldfish belong with goldfish.

How can you tell when a goldfish is giving birth?

Goldfish are egg-spawners. If you want to breed them, you need: * two aquariums--a 20-gallon spawning tank, and a 10-gallon grow-out tank. Neither one should have gravel or a filter in it. * a male and a female goldfish, both at least three years old * baby goldfish food Put about three inches of water in the grow-out tank. Put the adult goldfish in the spawning tank. When the goldfish are ready to spawn, the male will chase the female all over the tank. When she gets tired enough, she will scatter eggs all over the tank, and the male will spray his milt all over the tank. The milt will turn the water cloudy. Now for the fun part: you have to wait until the water clears, then scoop up all the eggs and put them in the other tank. Goldfish will eat their own eggs. Then cover the other tank, wait until they hatch, and start feeding the little fish.

What is the benefit of breeding goldfish?

getting more goldfish in your tank

Can a goldfish be in a tank with another goldfish?

They can live together sometimes.

What kind of fish can live in a tank with goldfish?

A Loach can be with goldfish.

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