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More alcohol will cure the hangover.. say a half of a beer.

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Can you get a hangover from smoking weed?


What Is the relationship between a monarch butterfly and the toxic milk weed?

The monarchs eat the toxic milk weed and thereby gain a deterent against predation. The monarchs also lay eggs on the milk weed.

Is milk weed poisonous to sheep?


What do monarch butterflies like?

they like milk weed plants i know that because i have a milk weed plant and they come everyday in the summer

Is milk weed vascular or nonvascular?

Nonvascular because it's just weed nothing

Is milk weed a producer?

zabina hafiz

Is weed good for a pregnancy?

No, weed is not good for a growing fetus.

What would you find by a monarch butterfly?

milk weed

Do Jamaica have good weed?

Good weed can be found anywhere, I am sure Jamaica ha plenty of good weed. California is the place to get the greatest weed in the world. No competition.

Why is weed good?

Because its good weed now if u buy bad weed that's bad 4u

Is synthic weed good?

Synthetic weed (legal weed) is labeled NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION for a very good reason, it is dangerous and extremely risky.

Will a box turtle die if it smokes weed?

Is it good weed?

Is crstal good in weed?

The more crystals weed has, the better it is

What is see weed good for?

What are the benifit of see weed for human

Is weed a good thing to do?

y, yes weed is a good thing to do. it makes you feel better.

Is weed worse for you than beer?

a little beer is actually not good for you. weed is always good for you.

What is mid grade weed?

bad weed. weed that gets you high but not as quickly as grade A, the good stuff

Is weed badder then cigarette?

Is weed worse than cigarettes no. weed is good for you, cigarettes are bad for you. its proven.

Why weed stay in your system so long?

cause we cavemen we like weed weed good for soul

Are there any sort of vitamins that clear weed from your system?

no there ain't no. but the best 'cleaner' is MILK!! a very good trick is to fill a glass with 50%water and 50% milk. drink, run to the toilet,, :P , this will clean your system :D

Do red and black fuzzy caterpillars eat leaves if they do what kind?

milk weed

What is the cliffhanger in chapter 22 in milk weed?

Misha wants to kiss jannnina

What is a food made from grain?

bread milk ciggaretts blunts weed cockeaine

What do callipillers eat?

caterpillars can eat letus,cabbige,and i think milk weed

How much does weed take off your life expectancy?

Weed is good for you.