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Good hotels near Wrigley Field?

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July 29, 2007 4:07PM

There are only a few hotels near (within a mile) the Wrigley field area and all are relatively small. The most popular on our site is the City Suites Hotel located at 933 West Belmont, .5 miles from Wrigley Field. This is a 45 room boutique art deco hotel with in-room robes and refrigerators, free wi-fi and an evening social every day at 4:00. Nightly rates typically run $150-$200. Also located within a mile are: Best Western Hawthorne Terrace (.5 miles from Wrigley at 3434 North Broadway Ave.): This is a 59 room hotel and amenities include free wi-fi, free local calls, free breakfast and a fitness center. The outdoor patio terrace is also popular for evening lounging. Rates run around $175 and up during the summer season. Majestic Hotel (.6 miles from Wrigley at 528 Brompton Place): This is a 52 room hotel located in a quiet residential neighborhood. The hotel is a sister property for the City Suites listed above and the Willows listed below with similar amenities including in-room robes, free wi-fi and an evening social every day at 4:00. Suites also include butler pantries with refrigerators, microwaves and a wet bar. Rates typicaly start at $225 in the summer season. The Willows Hotel (1.0 miles from Wrigley at 555 West Surf Street): This is a 55 room sister property to the Majestic and City Suites listed above. Amenities include free wi-fi, in room robes, 24 hour coffee and tea service and a complimentary continental breakfast. Rates start at around $175 in the summer season. One thing to keep in mind when booking a hotel in this area is that with its small number of rooms, availability at these hotels can be quite limited and rates significantly higher on Cubs game weekends. This is especially true when a popular opponent such as the Cardinals are in town.