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Good moves for a spiritomb?

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One good move for spiritomb is dark pulse. One good move for spiritomb is dark pulse.

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Spiritomb is a Forbidden Pokemon and can learn moves such as dark pulse, shadow sneak, and ominous wind. Other moves include shadow ball, and feint attack.

Spiritomb is ghost and dark type. Fighting is good against dark but it doesn't affect ghost. Use................................................... anything besides psychic, fighting, and normal.

though nothing is naturally supereffective against ghost/dark Pokemon like spiritomb and sableye, if a Pokemon uses foresight, fighting moves become supereffective if neither Pokemon are switched out. good luck!

Anything powerful. Dragons are probably your best bet since Spiritomb doesn't really have Ice and Dragon moves.

Spiritomb is a very good Pokemon. He is not easily defeated by any type. He also has some decent attacks and good stats.

Spiritomb is Dark and Ghost type. Under normal conditions, there are no moves that are super effective against it, since Ghosts cannot be hit by Fighting type moves.However, if Foresight, Odor Sleuth etc. is used, the Fighting type becomes super effective.Under normal conditions, Spiritomb is resistant to attacks of the Poison type, and completely unaffected by Normal, Fighting and Psychic type moves.

Well, Spiritomb isn't weak to anything since it's a Ghost/Dark type. Try using Pokemon with high power moves. Spiritomb is not weak to: Fighting, Normal, Psychic, and Poison.

Spiritomb is considered to be a somewhat good Pokémon. What lets it down is its very low speed stat. He is good at countering Reuniclus and Deoxys.

I think it's a pretty good team but spiritomb docent have great stats I'd switch it for something else plus you'd have three dark types

Just because SPIRITOMB is a pretty rare Pokemon, you still need a Male and Female to breed them. Stop by at the GTS and request a SPIRITOMB of the opposite gender to get more! Good Luck!

Just hit it with super powerful moves and hope for the best.

Either Spiritomb or Arceus. Spiritomb has no weakness, so at level 100 its basically unstoppable. Arcues is super pwnsome if you teach it Dragon moves while holding a Draco Plate.

i love the roster you picked... that is a very good question about spiritomb and darkrai. spiritomb has no weaknesses but darkrai is susceptible to fighting and bug so i can't really help you there

well, spiritomb is a ghost type and ghost types are weak against ghost and pychic. so, moves like bite, shadow ball and pychic might be a good place to start.

Four good moves for Spiritomb in Black and White version are Dark Pulse which it learns at Level 49, Sucker Punch which it learns at Level 31, Dream Eater which it Learns at Level 19 and the TM move of Shadow Ball. All moves that Spiritomb are capable of learning as of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 are Curse, Pursit, Spite, Shadow Sneak, Confuse Ray, Faint Attack, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Ominous Wind, Sucker Punch, Nasty Pot, Memento and Dark Pulse.

Spiritomb can't evolve.

I think arceus is the the strongest Pokemon in diamond and pearl. Also no moves are supereffective on Spiritomb and arceus

Nothing Spiritomb has no weaknesses whatsoever that's whats cool about him _______________________________________________________________________ well what you could do is have a Pokemon that has foresight then use a fight type move,that's how i did it!

no. you can get male spiritomb.

No, Spiritomb isn't a legendary.

breed a ditto with a spiritomb

The moves that Spiritomb can learn via level up in Pokémon Pearl include ones such as Pursuit, Curse, Spite, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Shadow Sneak, Faint Attack, Omnious Wind, Sucker Punch, Dream Eater, Nasty Plot, Memento and Dark Pulse.

No, it is not. Wondertomb is a Spiritomb that has been hacked so it has the ability 'Wonder Guard' which it cannot have under normal circumstances. Wonder Guard is an ability that is found ONLY on Shedinja, and only lets supereffective moves hit it. Spiritomb has no weakness, so a Spiritomb with Wonder Guard would be practically "invincible" since moves no longer damage it. However, it can still take damage from poison, Leech Seed, etc, or something that uses Odor Sleuth.

Ghost and Dark. He has no weakness!