Care of Mice and Rats

Got 2 young male mice 2 weeks ago 1 died very sudden yesterday Shop may still have mice from same litter Is there any chance of safely intro another male Dont know if the solitude or risk is worse?

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2011-09-13 03:23:01

I am not as familure with mice, but I've worked with rats, and

they really love company. I would say - get another mouse, but get

a bit younger. Then do the introduction in a safe, neutral place -

like a table top or the bath tub. They will probably have a bit of

a fight- separate only if there is blood-shed. Otherwise, they have

to work out their pecking order. Also, once they are getting along

okay and you are ready to put them in the same cage, make sure that

you've cleaned it out really well to remove the other mouses scent

- they need to 'start over' in a fresh cage, so that the first

mouse doesn't feel like he has to protect his teritory.

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