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The "end of proof" symbol or "halmos" is used by mathmeticians to mark the end of a mathematical proof. It appears as a solid (or sometimes open) box.
The halmos is called a "tombstone" by magazine writers who use it to mark the ends of magazine articles. It had been used by magazine editors and writers before it was adopted by mathmeticians.
Unfortunately, it does not appear on the standard keyboard but is a part of the unicode and other character sets. It is often available (within some software programs) by typing special character sequences. Some writers have used // or [] as an attempt to replicate the box using only the standard keyboard characters.
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Why did it end?

Answer . The biggest reason was simple exhaustion. The warring powers, especially Germany, just couldn't go on any longer and with the threat of fresh new American troops coming in, the failure of the last German offensive to take Paris, and support waning at home, Germany had to capitulate.

What event symbolized the end of communism in 1991?

The people of Ukraine and Belerus were given the chance to vote ifthey wanted independance from Russia, and both voted yes, officialyending the Soviet Union, but the satelite states started breakingoff in the 80's.

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a snake which represents both ends and beginnings. mainly it represents rebirth. a snake is also the symbol of a circle which symbolizes the cycle(infant to teen to young women to mother to elder and back to infant) which goes on forever

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a matter of debate, although several events could be construed: Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989) Election of Lech Walesa's Solidarity Party in Poland (1989) Velvet Divorce (1993) Gorbachev's policies of Perestroika and Glasnost

What is a start and end symbol in a flowchart?

Start and end symbols, represented as lozenges, ovals or rounded rectangles, usually containing the word "Start" or "End", or another phrase signaling the start or end of a process, such as "submit enquiry" or "receive product". i am only 11 and i know all this ict work

What are the tags for the start and end of a page?

The 'HTML' tags go around an entire HTML document, with the exception of the 'DOCTYPE' tag, whch is always on the first line. For more information, go here:

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Can a grammatically correct sentence end with the word the?

Only in one context, which is seen in the question: you used "the" as a noun exemplar of "the word" and the object of analysis, and not as a grammatical component of the sentence. When used as an article, "the" cannot appear at the end of a sentence.

What is the grammatical rule about making a plural form of a singular noun that ends in an 'o'?

Normally the plural will include the letter e, as when potato becomes potatoes, and tomato becomes tomatoes, although as is usual in English language, there are excepetions, such as Commando which can become Commandos OR Commandoes. Other well-known rules of English are similarly flawed, such as ( Full Answer )

Why does one end of the battery have a negative symbol on it?

because batteries works on the principle of electron charge and an electron can have either a more positive or negative charge but the electron wants to have an equal amount of pos. and neg. charge so when batteries are simply they pull the positive charge to one side and negative to the other side ( Full Answer )

How do write a reference at the end of the page?

you always indent what ever you are going to write. this is how its done.. Im gonna show an example: Report about Oil Spill 8-11-10 By: Katie Gonzalez Found research in the computer

What does an apostrophe at the end of a word symbolize?

Final apostrophe indicates a plural possessive. It is only used to form the possessive of plural nouns ending in -s. Do not use a final apostrophe for the possessive of a singular noun ending in -s: it is for plurals only.

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What does the symbol at the end of the word aunts' mean?

It is the mark (an apostrophe) of the plural possessive: e.g., Theboys' room was tidied every day. i.e. several boys shared the room.If you put the apostrophy before -s , you mean only one boy's room.