Grand Theft Auto episodes from Liberty City?

GTA: Episodes From Liberty City, which includes The Lost & Damned and The Ballad Of Gay Tony, (two games on one disk) is a spin-off from GTA IV. Originally an exclusive for the XBox 360, it is now also available for the PS3 and PC.

The Lost & Damned has Johnny Klebitz from The Lost biker gang, as the protagonist; and The Ballad Of Gay Tony has Luis Lopez, right hand man of Tony Prince, as the protagonist. Both Johnny and Luis appeared in GTA IV during various missions, interacting with Niko. In EFLC you get the opportunity to see these missions from the perspective of Johnny and Luis, and the actions they had to take, as well as new missions of their own.

There are, for example, extra vehicles and weapons, fresh songs on the radio stations, extra areas opened up (and some not accessible). The two games are shorter than the main game, but have different things included, and are very enjoyable.