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What is the only factor needed to calculate change in velocity due to acceleration of gravity 9.8 ms

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Q: Gravity causes all falling objects to accelerate at a rate of 98 meters per seconds?
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How fast is it going at the end of 3.0 seconds falling objects?

3.0 seconds after being dropped, a freely falling object, unaffected by air resistance, near the surface of the earth, is falling at the rate of 29.4 meters (96.5 feet) per second.

Do hevey objects fall faster than light objects?

Not in a vacuum. All objects, regardless or mass, density, or whatever, fall with the same speed in a vacuum. Some objects may appear to fall more slowly than others (example, a flat piece of paper or a feather vs. a rock), but this is usually due to air resistance. All objects, when falling on earth, accelerate towards the ground at a rate of 9.8 meters/seconds squared.

What is the velocity of freely falling objects 5 seconds after being dropped?

5*9.8 = 49 metres per second.

For a freely falling object dropped from rest what is the acceleration at the end of the fifth second of fall the sixth second at the end of any elasped time t?

Any free falling object has only one force causing its acceleration, gravity. Gravity will cause consistent acceleration forever, whether its 5 seconds, 6 seconds or 1000000 seconds. That acceleration, on earth, is 9.8 m/s^2.

What is the speed of a free falling object ten seconds after its release?

At gravity's rate of 9.8m/s , after ten seconds it would be 98 m/s theoretically, although also a variable is terminal velocity.

How fast is a rock moving after falling for 2.3 seconds?

Acceleration due to gravity is approx 9.8 metres/second2 So after 2.3 seconds, the velocity of the rock is 9.8*2.3 = 22.54 metres/second

How fast is a rock moving When it hits the bottom of a 39.2 m cave after 4 seconds?

0 km/h or 0 mph. Objects accelerate at 10m/s so after 4 seconds the rock would have already hit the bottom of the cave.

What is the final velocity of a stone with an original velocity of 0 falling from a ledge that takes 8 seconds to hit the ground?

On Earth gravity equals 9.8 m/s^2. If you multiply that by 8 seconds you get: 78.4m/s

What is the duration of Falling Hare?

The duration of Falling Hare is 480.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Falling Skies?

The duration of Falling Skies is 2700.0 seconds.

What equation is used to calculate the velocity of a falling objects?

32 feet / second / second. Calculating the velocity of an object falling due to gravity is a complicated process because gravity decreases the further above the Earth you go. There is also a terminal velocity because of the viscosity of the air. Simply though, acceleration due to gravity at the Earth's surface is roughly 9.8m/s2. This means, after 1 second, an object will have achieved a velocity of 9.8m/s. The equation then if the viscosity of air and height above the Earth's surface are ignored is V = 9.8 x S Where V is the velocity and S is the number of seconds it has been falling.

What happens to a falling objects acceleration?

The gravitational pull of earth makes it so that a falling object will fall at 9.81meters/second, and accelerate at that speed. So if an object falls for 2 seconds, its going 19.62m/s. Also, if you throw a ball straight up into the air from ground level (we are currently ignoring air and wind resistance) Then when it gets to the peak of the arch, it will be moving at 0m/s vertically. This means that when the ball gets back to the exact elevation that you threw it from, gravity will have sped it back up to the EXACT same speed that it had when you released from your hand, only now its going the other way.

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