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Groups who mirgrated?



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* Puritans by choice to the new world. * Slaves without choice to the new world. * The Irish to avoid starvation. * The Jews to avoid the Pharoh. * The White Russians to avoid the Reds. * The Cherokee to avoid a Jacksonian mandate. * The English Prisoners to Australia to avoid the gallows. * The English poor to Georgia to avoid the poor house. * The Cheyenne to avoid Custer, * Former Slaves sent to Liberia. * The Armenians to avoid theTurks who were avoiding the Russians who were avoiding the Germans. * The boat people. * The Cuban exiles. * Cajuns who were kicked out of Canada. * Mexicans kicked out of Tejas, Nuevo Mexico, Colorado and California. * Mexicans who returned to Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and California. The world is full of migrants, all have their own rationale, but the search for a better life always seems to be the underlying stimulus.