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Q: Guajolote was the Aztec name for a bird native to the Americas Benjamin Franklin wanted it to be used as the symbol of the US What bird is this?
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Did Benjamin Franklin helped the native Americans or the british?

Benjamin Franklin helped the native Americans during the American revolution. he helped them with getting together and fighting back at the British

What native American group had a government that impressed Benjamin Franklin?

Elijah Abankwah

How would Benjamin Franklin describe the Quaker's affect in the revolution of the native American side?

no u

Three of the examples are accurate which one is not accurate?

Native American pre-Columbian oral literature (Native Americans, influenced by Benjamin Franklin)

Who was urged by Native Americans to unite under a single form of government?

Either Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Alexander Hamilton.

Who was Americas 1st settlers?

Americas first settlers were native Americans.

What native Americas where in NC?

what kind of native americans where in nc

How are Native Americans and the the spanish europeans different from each other?

The native Americas are the native people from the Americas when the Spaniards, the Spanish people from Europe conquer America.

Why did pontaic want the native Americans to join forces?

just as benjamin franklin tried to bring the colonies togrther with his albany plan pontiac wanted native american groups to unite to fight the britishn i think that the answer

Native Canadians are Indians and?


Where is the cocoa bean native to?

the Americas

Are mesquite trees native to the desert?

Mesquites are native to deserts in the Americas.

Which Founding Father was displeased when the bald eagle was chosen over his proposed original native turkey as a national symbol?

Benjamin Franklin. He was the one who originally proposed the turkey.

Are Taino Indians Native American?

Yes, all native peoples of the Americas are native Americans.

Did the Europeans had major influence on the Americas?


Are sunflowers native to Mexico?

While not specifically from Mexico, sunflowers are native to the Americas.

What is a native american-?

A Native American is an American Indian. There were the first to live in the Americas.

Which country do capsicums come from?

They are native to the Americas.

Who were the first people to the Americas?

Native Americans

When the Native Americans migrated to Americas what did they find?

Native Americans never migrated to the Americas. It was the Europeans that migrated here and the only thing they found was Native Americans. Native Americans have been here since the beginning. Hence the name Native AMERICANS.

Are crocodiles native to Australia?

Crocodiles are native to Australia. They are also native to regions of Asia, the Americas and Africa.

Facts about turkey the food?

Turkeys are native to the Americas. The native Americans domesticated turkeys.

What native people did Columbus encounter?

He encountered the Taino and Arawak peoples (native to the Americas).

What effect did the American settlers have on the Native American Indians?

the native Americas were driven from their homeland

What is a native?

a native is someone or something that originated in that country. For instance, corn, tomatoes and American Indians are native to the Americas