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If a policy is guaranteed renewable, the policy can be renewed by the insured regardless of health.


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This is a very good question and it depends on your current disability contract. If your existing disability contract is non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable then the answer is no. If a contract is guaranteed renewable then the company guarantees that coverage cannot be cancelled as long as premiums are paid, however the company can increase the rates. If a contract is non-cancellable in addition to guaranteed renewable then the company cannot change the policy provisions or increase the rates. In summary it if your existing policy is non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable then changing occupations will not change your premium or change your benefits.

A guaranteed renewable disability insurance policy guarantees that you can renew it; in other words, in the event that you do become disabled, and you are collecting disability payments under your policy, they are not going to tell you that since you are disabled, you do not qualify to renew the policy (which, of course, would entirely defeat the purpose of having bought the insurance in the first place, which is to protect yourself from financial hardship in the event that you become disabled).

No. It pays the face amount of the policy at the end of the period to you.

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It depends on the type of insurance. If you have a whole life or guaranteed universal life policy, the rates are set when you take out the policy and the company cannot increase the rate, ever. If you have a renewable term insurance policy, the rate will increase each time you renew the term. The agent that sold you the policy should have fully explained rate increases and how they worked and if your policy was subject to them.

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You renew annually (once a year)

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i have been selling cars for 13 years and now, my employer has changed the policy midstream to exclude any guaranteed pay except for commission alone.. is this legal?

Renewable term or ART (Annual Renewable Term) - premium increases every year as you get older. A level term policy however has level premiums for the length of the term. Also, you can also get a Return Of Premium level term, and get your money back at the end of the term if you outlive your policy. Other option is to convert your term policy into a permanent type policy, like whole life or universal life. An experienced agent can help with this.

It is a guaranteed fixed premium permanent life insurance policy. It usually has a Guaranteed Minimum Cash Value that increases each year.

It implies that it is not a single or one-time premium policy and you are pay annualized premium for the renewal of the term policy.

Our mother passed away on July 18th 2012 and we found a policy in her lock box that she did not tell us about. It is Union Fidelity Life Insurance Co., Policy #13-0096032 Hazel S. Rook, address at that time was, 106 W. Hill Ave., Hillsborough, N.C. 27278 It has that effective April 1, 1980 that the policy was guaranteed renewable for life. This means that your coverage caan never be cancelled by the company. Can you tell us if you have anything on this policy. Sharon Rook Williams Carole Rook King

Renewable means as long as you pay the premiums you will always have the policy. Convertible means you can convert your policy to perm without further evidence of insurability. This should be under Life Insurance questions.

A good place for a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy is Cover Me. This firm is actually part of Manulife and has an extensive history and proven track record. They provide the insurance without requiring medical tests.

Conditionally renewable policy grants the insurer a limited right to refuse to renew a health insurance coverage at the end of a premium payment period.

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It means the term policy can be renewed without having to provide proof of insurability.

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