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Guy friend who gets weirdly jealous when other guys flirt with you But he is dating another friend of mine What is up?


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well he obivosly still cares for you cause he lost something he cared about dearly and trying to move on by dating another girl but can't recover by seeing you hanging out with guys or flirting.

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If you still like that person then make her or him jealous by going out with there friend or something that will make them jealous. But if your just jealous and you dont like that person than just forget about it. this as been answered by Austin Bissonnette

well, if he's dating your ugly friend, you must not be all that attractive....get a make over, or make him jealous

YES TOTALLY! its totally normal for your best girl friend to be jealous of your boothanng! haha! I had the same problem with me! i was jealous of my best friend who was dating the hottest guy in our class! as long as she doesn't try stealing him away from you (which probably she wont!) you guys are totally fine!

you should tell her how you feel and if she isn't understanding then she can't be that good of a friend

They are just dancing as friends. Don't get jealous - how would you feel if that guy wouldn't let you talk to other guys?

You are jealous when your girlfriend talks to another guy even if you know he is just her friend because you are insecure and do not trust her fully.

The truth is that all guys get jealous,a guy can only get jealous if he finds his girl friend play roughly with another guy,or when is girl friend talks about another guy almost every time,or even when he gets to read conversations between his girl friend and another guy. Some guy can control them selfs by not showing it and acting like they don't care,but deep down inside they are jealous. Why some other guy can't control the fact that they are jealous

He either is trying to make you jealous or he doesn't want you to be jealous

he like you or things that you like something about your boyfriend that he doesn't have

By dating her you are probably doing enough to make any guy jealous. There isn't a lot else that you can try, unless you want to risk destroying the relationship.

This happened to me too! And it depends on the kind of person your friend is. Is she the jealous type the? The gullible type? Does she not pay attention to what's going on around her? What you should do is make her jealous by getting a new friend if she is the jealous type. If she ignores you then find that other person a new friend. They'll find a new friend and you get your old friend! Pray to God for guidance everyday I will be praying for you!

Sometimes your friends think if you are with another friend that you're going to ditch them. If they are jealous they probably aren't even a good friend, because that would mean they don't trust you!

Since you broke up with your boyfriend it is highly likely that now that he is dating your best friend you are either jealous and it probably isn't love at all, but you just don't like to see him date your friend.

If you have a friend and then he/she likes you,but you are dating or married to somebody else they might: Be rude to you,wont talk to you,and tells people lies about you or him/her... then he/she is jealous.

I know what you feel like i have been there just ask her if she is ok with you 2 going out .

My friend was very jealous when I got a puppy

Tell your friend to stop being jealous and to go find her own boyfriend. She obviously wants him. (Or your stupid and the guy sucks)!

Don't be jealous, she is only his friend. After all: You can meet boys and be friends with them without being their girlfriend.

I can give you several sentences.She has always been jealous of me.He doesn't have a jealous bone in his body.Don't be jealous because he has more toys than you do.She was surprised to find herself feeling a little bit jealous.I am very jealous of my neighbor's new car.the girl was jealous because her friend got a puppy you might not like this sentence so here is another onethe boy was jealous because his friend was smarter that himGlad you are enjoying the mud i am feeling jealous.

sometimes because i have a friend who is one and she is jealous of me

Have the talk with your friend about dating in the hypothetical sense. Or have another friend find out for you.

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