HOW TO BE A rap person?

Are you talking about how to dress and become excepted with the rap crowd or to rap yourself. I'm gonna guess that it's the first one in which it matters which type of rap person you're trying to be. You could wqant to be a more gangsta rap type person which is all about big shirts straight bill hats and low shorts or you could want to be one of those new types of rap people who wheres tight shorts and normal sized shirts. If you're tryin to be the Gangsta rap type you better talk like you fit with those people. I personally am a type of gangsta rap person. Also don't force talkin with slang you'll sound stupid. tryin to become one of these people is somethin that you gotta watch what you do because people know posers. personally i hung out with a bunch of kids who were complete gangbangers and that how i learned how to act with them. it takes a long time to become accepted but i think its worth it. Also you gotta hang with people who talk crap and back it up otherwise you look like a poser. if you look like a rap type kid and youre hangin with some skinny jean wearing people you will look like a joke. while i say that i would suggest not going in with a crew of ogs because you dont want to get into some major trouble. I almost went to Juve when i was hanging with those kids. so its safer to be with posers then real gangbangers unless they talk a lot of crap. that all i got for you.