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You use the VAR function. You list your values in it to get the variance, like this:

=VAR( 5, 11, 45, 17 )

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How do you Calculate Stock Beta in Excel?

You need to use the variance and covariance functions in Excel 1. Calculate the covariance of the stock returns with respect to an index 2. Calculate the variance of the index 3. Divide the first number by the second. See the related link for a spreadsheet

How to calculate the Budget variance percentage?

how to calculate budget variance percentage?

How do you calculate a variance covariance matrix explain with an example?

variance - covariance - how to calculate and its uses

How do you calculate a budget variance as a percentage?

actual budget/budget = variance%

How do you calculate variance given standard deviation?

Square the standard deviation and you will have the variance.

How do you calculate standard deviation if I know variance?

Standard deviation = square root of variance.

Why do you measure dispersion?

How do we calculate variance

How many cases are needed for analysis of variance?

There only needs to be one data point to calculate variance.

How do you calculate budget variance percentage?

Variance = 100*(Actual - Budget)/Budget

How 2 calculate a variance-covariance matrix?

See related link. You can use Excel, if you dataset is not too big. Generally, if I have a table of data, with n columns corresponding to n variables with N observations, I can calculate the covariance of columns a and b, using excel covar function, covar(range of first data values, range of second data values) To keep things organized, you may want to name the ranges of your columns and use them as the arguments in the covar.

How do you estimate the narrow sense heritability based on the halfsib offspring of open pollinated trees?

First we need to calculate within and between family variance components for half sib families. Additive variance is equal to 4 time the additive variance and Dominance variance equal to within family variance - (3/4) additive variance.

How do you calculate standard deviation with a variance of 03?

The standard deviation is the square root of the variance. So, if variance = 03 = 3 the std dev = sqrt(3) = 1.732

Why is MS Excel is called Excel?

MS-Excel is a powerful worksheet & you calculate , syncronize many hard calculation, so MS-Excel is called Excel.

What is calculate in Excel?

Calculate means Excel will evaluate formulas and functions to display the result. You can turn calculate to manual or auto. When it is on auto, everything is updated in real time. Manual will update when you open Excel or requires to you click the calculate button every time you want to see results.

In a study using 9 samples and in which the population variance is unknown the distribution that should be used to calculate confidence intervals is?

In a study using 9 samples, and in which the population variance is unknown, the distribution that should be used to calculate confidence intervals is

How 2 calculate a variance covariance matrix?

look in a maths dictionary

What is auto calculate in Excel?

Allows Excel to automatically calculate formulas in real time. When a referenced cell changes, the formula automatically updates.

How do you calculate material price variances and what are the possible reasons for such variances?

Material Variance Cost Calculations: Standard (Budget) Price - Actual Price = Price Variance [Std (Budget) Price - Actual Price] / Std Price = Percent (%) Variance

How do you calculate sharpe ratio in Excel?

The related link provides an excel template and some notes on how to calculate the sharpe ratio..pretty simple and effective.

How do you calculate degrees of freedom on excel?

Utilizing the visual basic functions built into excel worksheets you can calculate degrees of freedom. The function call that you use for this is "degrees_freedom".

How do you calculate derivative in excel?


What formula is used to calculate quantity?

You can calculate quantity in Excel with the SUM function.

How do you calculate Beta by using Variance and Covariance?

You can use the slope function on excel which takes a cell range representing the Y-Variable and another cell range representing the X-Variables. For instance the Y-Variable may be a column of excess returns for a stock and the X-Variable maybe the column of risk premia.

Calculate a effort variance as a percentage?

(Actual Effort -Planned Effort)/Planned Effort * 100

How do you calculate budget variance?

This years' sales plus last years' sales divided by 2