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Answer No one really cares, they are too busy taking care of their own things to be worrying about what you are either doing or not doing. Don't live for society, live for yourself.

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How were mestizos viewed in Spanish-American society?

They were viewed as outcasts

How are welfare recipients viewed in this society?


How is reproductive viewed by human society?

well there is a human society, isn't there?

How did Athenian society benefit from slavery?

In Athens, politics and government were viewed as more important for citizens than the activities required for farming or other such things. As such, the slaves were a necessity for the citizens to participate in government.

How does society view animals in Fahrenheit 451?

Animals in that society are viewed as unpleasant.

Why did no African leaders participate in the 1884 Berlin Conference?

many Europeans viewed Africans as an inferior race

Which of the following best explains how women were viewed in classical India?

Indian women had few opportunities to participate in public life.

How popular is Ballet in today's society?

it is viewed asv high class

Are youth viewed in a positive or negative way in today's society?

Youth are viewed in a negative and positive way in today's society. However youth are viewed more in a negative way because of the stereotypes created in the media such as youth are lazy, unhealthy, ignorant, violent. Simon O'brien

Does konan like yahiko?

No, But Yahiko was the one who had romantic feelings for Konan. Konan just viewed him as a very close friend.

What is Freud's interpretation of religion?

He viewed religion as unscientific, and that it had no place in modern society.

Why have First Amendment rights been viewed as essential to the functioning of a free society?

These rights are viewed as essential to the functioning of a free society because without free expression, we could not voice any opinions that differed from those of the government's.

Why did Sigmund Freud not believe in god?

He viewed religion as unscientific, and that it had no place in modern society.

Were the northern regions viewed as a land-based society during the 1800s?


Can you have a boyfriend girlfriend relationship with your cousins?

Yes you can, although it is considered as incest and badly viewed to have relationships with people in your own family.

What are the characteristics of the romantic period?

The Romantic Era of art lasted roughly 50 years, from 1800 to 1850. It is noted for it's use of emotional scenes in painting versus still life. It viewed nature itself as art.

What revolution helped inspire the romantic period?

I think it was Shakespeare, but I am not sure! The Industrial Revolution, because they viewed the Revolution as an attack on mother nature.

How do puritans view society?

The Puritans viewed society as full of sinners unworthy of God's love. They believed it was necessary to try to be as righteous as possible, so that God might save you from eternal damnation. They viewed society harshly, and believed they should be punished, rather than counseled, if they fell short of moral expectations.

How can a significant political or social issue such as bilingual education be viewed in assimilationist and pluralistic terms?

Because it is viewed as a social program that benefits the whole of society. Bilingual education, the example you provided, assimilates the person in to society; whereas, this person, not being able to speak English may have remained isolated from society otherwise

Which 2 theorists viewed society as a type of living organism?

Auguste Comte and Herbert Spencer

Why did Hitler kill heaps of people?

He viewed them as surplus to requirements, he saw that they did not positively contribute to society.

How did Andrew Jackson view industrialization?

Andrew Jackson viewed industrialization as and essential key to American society.

How did Molly Pitcher affect American history?

Molly Pitcher helped change how society viewed women.

Is The Merchant of Venice a romantic play?

In part, certainly. The story of Bassanio and Portia's courtship is exclusively romantic, and the episode of the rings is clearly romantic comedy. At one time, this was considered to be the main plot of the play, but now the Shylock plot, which was formerly a subplot, is considered to have much more dramatic potential and is viewed as the main plot. Even within that subplot, there is a romantic sub-sub plot, if you will, which is the story of Lorenzo and Jessica.

Where can one go to view different antique bottles?

Different antique bottles can be viewed online at Ebay and Antique Bottles Collectors Haven. Additionally they can be viewed through the Society of Historical Archaeology.

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