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HOW go you get rid of 3 kittens?


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2007-07-13 01:23:45
2007-07-13 01:23:45

Send them to a local humane society, or have someone adopt them. Please do not abandon them, they might die if you do.

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She-cats mostly have 3-4 kittens, but can have up to 8 or 9 kittens. They can go down to at least 1 or 2 kittens, but that is very rare.

Check your local websites for ads, lots of people are looking to get rid of kittens and puppies

Newborn kittens need stimulation from the mother's tongue to be able to go to the bathroom up till they are about 3 weeks old.

The ratio of kittens to dogs is 3:1 or 3 kittens for every 1 dog.

3 kittens lost their mittens!!!!!!

There are no 3 1/2 year old kittens. By that age, they are cats. The kittens are ready to go to new homes at about 12 weeks.

Kittens can go outside whenever you want them to. but, however, if the kittens were born inside you may want to let them outside little at a time.

A female cat can go into heat as early as she's had the kittens, or later when the kittens are being weaned.

There are 3 to 8 kittens in a litter.

I would go to the RSPCA if you want kittens.

The average cat can have 3 to 6 kittens

Kittens Reichert was born on March 3, 1910.

Kittens Reichert was born on March 3, 1910.

Your kittens will probably survive, but you should go to the store and find some solution to feed your kittens. They sell the solution in Walmart and probably most pet stores.

they go a bit quiet and shy for 2 or 3 days, but then it will be the same again

speak to your local animal shelter, they should help you

The ISBN of The Color Kittens is 0-307-10234-3.

There is a few way to get rid of stray cats and kittens that is hanging around your house. The best way to get rid of them would be to call your local pound.

Well, of coarse since the first 3 kittens were born they will be older by a couple months than the new 3 kittens. :)

This really shouldn't happen. If the mother didnt like her kittens, then she might have eaten them to get rid of them. That is a strange way to get rid of her kittens, but she really wanted them gone. Sometimes a mother cat would take her kittens in the middle of the rode, and get rid of them that way.Dont listen to any of the above...A mother cat will eat or neglect a cat because they have a way of knowing when their kitten is in pain or is sick

Answer: She can go outside right away. Just be sure to let her back in to care for her kittens.

Try to get the mother out with a humane trap. Then go under the deck and get the kittens. If the kittens are older than 3 months sell then otherwise take them and the mother to the humansicity.

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